Relationship marketing has been our passion for 20 years now

We offer solutions to support marketing teams in creating personalized campaigns that provide memorable customer experience and a superior return on investment for businesses.

Our philosophy is based on customer satisfaction. Our solutions are modular, all thanks to a team of professionals and experts who ensure each offer is adapted to all your personalized marketing needs.

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Our history


Our first steps

At a time where technological effervescence was at its highest, 3 partners embarked on a world that was still unexploited. Email marketing. In an industry that was still poorly regulated, they were among the first in Quebec to offer a solution on this channel. This new entity was called REP Solution Interactive.


Our first emails sent

After working on the first ever version of our technology for months, we found a first client to embark on this email journey with. 2000 marked the year where everything started for real. 


You won't survive!

6 years after the company’s opening, the death of email marketing was already announced, and so was the closure of the company… yet, even today, it is one of the most effective channels for marketers.


Launch of the automation marketing module

Automation made major waves in the marketing landscape around that time. Our first version was launched that year, and it hasn’t stopped evolving since then!


Opening of the Montreal office

With a vision for growth, Dialog Insight opened a new office in Montreal, which allowed us to get closer to our MTL customers, thus improving our customer experience.


A new name

With the incredible acceleration of technology and changing of marketing approaches, our first name no longer represented our vision and philosophy. Dialog Insight was born! It symbolizes the combination of our two main strengths – customer knowledge and the establishment of personalized communications.


Opening of the new office in France

After signing a major contract with a French retail giant, we opened our first international office in Marseille. This marked the beginning of an impressive growth in this new market.


The first RDV Relationnel

After several years of offering the Journée DI, an annual event for our customers only, Dialog Insight is looking far ahead, but above all, broader. This is the reason for the creation of a new event: le RDV Relationnel. Being open to all and dealing with the subject of relationship marketing in all its diversity, this event is very promising, after the success of its first edition. 


A wind of growth

The company’s twentieth year of existence marked an important moment for us. Supported by growth in international markets, our company plans far and big.

The next few years will be marked by some great new products, by a team that continues to grow,  by new international offices, and many more. Stay tune and learn about everything that goes on with Dialog Insight, your most trusted partner !

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