Custom Architecture

Dialog Insight connects to your MarTech environment no matter how complex it is.


Connectivity and compatibility are among the major strengths of the Dialog Insight application.

In order to provide memorable personalized experiences for your customers, you must be able to unify your technology stack.  There should be no limit on the connections with your internal systems, whether it is your CRM, online store, call center, ERP, POS, website… There’s no limit!

Its open and scalable architecture offers great flexibility to recover your customer data. Regardless of the systems, we can connect our application to your internal tools and exchange data in a secure environment.


  • Our solution connects to your infrastructure
  • Your ways of doing things guide our technological approach
  • Your systems enrich your customer knowledge
  • Your data helps personalize your communications

« Our motivation : to centralize your customer knowledge and offer you the tools to exploit it. »

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Connect to your Existing Systems

Dialog Insight offers standard connectors to e-commerce solutions such as Google eCommerce, Lightspeed, Magento and Shopify. For other systems, we offer you simple and efficient methods via Web services, API connectors, import/export and webhooks.

If you need help, our technical team will be happy to assist you in your interconnectivity projects!

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