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Are you looking for a trusted partner? Call our proactive experts, who will make it their goal to find the best solutions to your challenges.


Tailored Technological and Strategic Solutions to your needs

Everything you need under one roof! Share your challenges, needs and business objectives and we will help you determine the appropriate solution to your context.

Our consultants, analysts, and UX experts will assist your team continuously to provide your own customers with a unique and memorable experience.

Dialog Insight is a first-class partner, offering tailored solutions to support your personalized marketing strategies.


  • Fully Flexible Project Management Model
  • Close Collaboration with your Team
  • Proven Working Methods over the Past 20 Years
  • A Range of IT and Marketing Experts


« Our motivation : to become a strategic partner and help you achieve your goals. »

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Technological Solution for your Specific Needs

We believe that you should only pay for what you use. Hence, our teams of consultants will understand your business reality in order to offer only the modules that you need. Whether it is during the initial purchase, the renewal of our contract, the activation of new modules, or the appearance of new business needs we will guide you towards the best course of action.


Strategic Team to Guide you Throughout your Journey

Need help in your strategic thinking? Our consulting approach ensures that you optimize your customer relationships, and that you deliver quality at every turn. Our teams adapt to your context, whether you are just starting out in personalized marketing, or you are an expert. Let us accompany you throughout your journey. We will always be available to assist you achieve your business goals, whether they are simple or complex.

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Tailor-Made Projects

If you have a specific need, a complex organizational structure or any other expectations never hesitate to discuss them with us. We carry out custom developments of our application, because we understand that it is not always one size fits all. This distinctive approach on the market will ensure that you have a solution that support your ambitions.

Discover our operational support 

“The solution provided by Dialog Insight allowed us to centralize the view and management of our marketing campaigns on SMS and email channels while consolidating our customer knowledge in the same environment. We thus have an evolving tool that allows us to use diversified functionalities and to personalize our communications, both nationally and locally, while adjusting our commercial pressure. Finally, Dialog Insight’s teams are available, responsive and provide us with quality support.”

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