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Dialog Insight transforms itself

The year 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Dialog Insight. In 20 years, there have been changes! As we move forward in a constantly changing marketplace, we must adapt to it, but also to the needs of our customers. We are proud to say that this is what sets us apart the most: adapt to all contexts.

Indeed, for about a year, Dialog Insight is in a period of change, supported by a strong desire for growth. We spent the last months planning 2019, but also the future, in order to better serve you. With this in mind, we are now ready to unveil the fruit of a special effort, our rebranding!


Behind The Reflection

Let’s start from the beginning. Why redesign our image? Because we realized that our purpose, though present, needed to be further defined. Because of this, some challenges emerged.

The most important? The difference between what the market thinks of us, a platform for sending emails, and the real technological and business will that drives us. Although email is the starting point of Dialog Insight, it is no longer our only asset. We develop a complete and unified solution, which serves the different projects of the marketing teams.

In this perspective, we had to begin a deep and beautiful reflection on who we are as a company, why we are still there after 20 years, and especially why we want to be there for the next 20 years.

Big reflections are attached to the big words (non-existent proverb, but that sounds good), and that’s what led to a real brand positioning exercise.


The Process of Our New Identity

Positioning is a relatively long and complex process. A neutral view of the situation is also needed. To get there, it takes trusted partners. Thanks to a reliable network, we have contacted the Featuring agency, whose brand management is their field of expertise. They guided us a lot in the steps to follow.

Their objective? Find a clear statement that simply expresses who we are and what we offer. This statement was to become the basis of everything that follows, in addition to following us for a long time.

Through meetings and questions, let’s say, existential, three conclusions emerged:

  1. Our customers, the marketing teams, seek support above all. Partners more than suppliers.
  2. Our real flexibility is what sets us apart from our main competitors. It’s not just a term to squander.
  3. We have a combined offer unifying, for the future, technological solution and strategic support.

And then, when we put all of this together, it gives a solution that adapts to all contexts. No technological, business or resources limit. We are ingenious, all that to realize your relationship marketing projects.


The Dialog Insight Offer

Failing to sound like a fantasy novel, it remains that this “quest for identity” has allowed us to understand that our application is centered around a point: the customer data. This is the one that feeds the customer’s knowledge, the long-term relationship… and especially the relevance of the campaigns put in place.

It is for this reason that we have decided to completely take the turn of the Customer Data Platform. It is a tool that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world and acts on several marketing elements. First, it manages the 360 profile of customers, gathering all the knowledge (data) in one place. But it goes further than that. It enables this data by creating omnichannel, automated and highly customized campaigns.

In making this choice, it has also become important to support our clients in the development of their relationship marketing program. We are therefore happy and excited to introduce you to our new consulting services offering, which will offer strategic support in four major marketing areas.


Our Final Concept

So, what does this sentence look like to explain who we are? Well, we help marketing teams leverage the richness of their customer data to create memorable brand experiences.

This is what motivates all the current changes. It is also on which all our decisions and actions will be based.

What does all this mean concretely?

For us, it is a reconfiguration of work teams as well as the acquisition of new specialists within our team to offer you the best support possible. It is the introduction of new ways of working to increase the efficiency of our teams.

It is also a new brand image to put the human in the center, as much as your client as ours. It’s about keeping an open, relevant and concrete dialogue with you.

In this vision, we kept our name, but updated the discussion bubble, as the picture indicates here below.







In terms of colors, they are alive, contrasting and dynamic, like us. Although we have been building and growing for 20 years, our hearts are young and our ambitions are grand!

Finally, we recognize the human as a point that grows, expressing the knowledge of the client, and the individual, who is enriched over time. See how this translates through some applications.

Déclinaisons Logo Di


What Will Follow

Such changes engender many others. Among these, let us note the redesign of our annual customer day, which is now called the RDV Relationnel, which we closed last Wednesday, May 29th. It marks our will to support the marketing teams of all organizations in their strategic orientations at the relational level while guiding them in the novelties of the market.

Among other projects, we have redesigned Dialog Insight’s interfaces, the addition of powerful features such as web personalization, the redesign of several modules, the creation of a new website, expansion in international markets … in short, beautiful challenges!

I will conclude by saying that this wind of change is very much appreciated by us. We hope it’s the same for you. Customer orientation is our main value and all of this, we want to reach it with you, and for you.

Looking forward to continue (or start) our business relationship!

Pascale Guay