6 Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday Success

Black Friday is a great time to boost your sales and increase conversion rates. But for many retailers, Black Friday can be an overwhelming time of year. It’s important to plan ahead and know how to manage your marketing campaigns during this busy season. In order to make sure your email campaign is ready for the upcoming period, here are some important Black Friday tips.
Marie-Noelle Morin
28 October 2022
6 min
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Black Friday is a great time to boost your sales and increase conversion rates. But for many retailers, Black Friday can be an overwhelming time of year. It’s important to plan ahead and know how to manage your marketing campaigns during this busy season. In order to make sure your email campaign is ready for the upcoming period, here are some important Black Friday tips to keep in mind.

1.      Segment your audience

As we know, every business has a target audience. But if you’re trying to reach them all at once with the same message, it won’t be effective. The first step is to segment your email list so you’re sending relevant messages to the right people. By segmenting your list, you can ensure that every email you send is highly relevant and more likely to be opened and acted upon.  To learn more about segmentation methods to use, have a look at our infographic. To create a multi-segment campaign using the Dialog Insight platform, click here (French only).

It isn’t enough just to collect customer data; you have to use it in ways that are meaningful for the customer experience. Using customer data to create customer personas can really help you in that matter. Personas are detailed profiles that help you determine how best to reach your prospects based on their interests, needs and behaviors. To learn more about how to take advantage of using personas click here. To learn how to create a persona in Dialog Insight platform, click here.

2.      Find the right frequency

Email frequency can also affect your open rates and click-through rates. If you notice that your email campaigns are getting lower engagement, try experimenting with different frequencies to see which works best for your different audiences. Some subscribers will accept to receive a lot of emails and others less. Try to adapt to the customer segment and understand it well to find the right frequency. Always keeping in mind that you don’t want to bombard your subscribers with too many emails, but you also don’t want them to forget about your Black Friday deals altogether.

Finally, for any Black Friday campaign, it is important to do it in three stages. In the days leading up to Black Friday sending emails will help get people excited about shopping or makes them realize they can start their holiday shopping earlier than they thought. Sending emails on Black Friday day will encourage people who were waiting until then to buy their gifts now instead of waiting until the last minute. Finally, sending emails on the days after Black Friday will remind people that there are still deals available even after all those big sales have ended and help encourage them to continue buying gifts while they’re still available at a discount!

3.      Use power words in the subject line

The subject line of your email is the most important part, so make sure you use it wisely. Try to include “Black Friday” in the subject line—it’s much better than having a generic subject line. The more specific you can get with your Black Friday campaign, the better.

When it comes to email subject lines, power words are your friend. These are words that evoke an emotional response and prompt the reader to take action. For Black Friday, use words like special or limited-time offer instead of sale and discount. These terms evoke scarcity and urgency — which are powerful motivators — without giving off an air of desperation or low quality (which would happen if you tried to sell something as being “sale”).

Also, it’s a good idea to keep it short and sweet, but make sure it’s relevant to your audience. Try not to go overboard with adding too many keywords though—you don’t want people getting annoyed by seeing phrases like “buy now” or “sale ends soon” over and over again in every single email they receive from you!

4.      Create urgency

Black Friday is all about urgency. Customers need to feel like they need to act fast before they miss out on a great deal. So how do you convey urgency in your emails?

There are many ways to create a sense of urgency:

  • Offer limited quantities: If you have a limited quantity of something, say 50 pairs of shoes, and your ad says that they will go fast, then people will feel like they should buy it now.
  • Create scarcity around your product: If you make it seem like there is only one pair left in stock, then people will think they need to buy it before someone else does. This creates even more urgency because if someone else buys that pair first, then the person who wanted them won’t get them at all!
  • Use a countdown timer: The countdown timer is one of the most effective ways to create urgency and get customers moving. This visual cue lets customers know that they need to act fast before the timer runs out and the deal expires. It’s proven to increase sales by up to 25%. With dialog insight platform you can use countdown timer in landing pages and emails.

5.      Make it special and personalized

When it comes to email marketing for the holidays, there are a few things you can do that will help your customers get excited about Black Friday shopping.

Make your special offers and coupons something that only people who have signed up for your emails will receive. This will encourage them to continue receiving messages from you in the future, as well as keep these special deals exclusive to those who have signed up for emails from you.

You can also personalize the messages by including a greeting and a friendly tone; this will increase engagement among recipients who are looking for deeper connections with brands than just discounts on products from big box stores like Amazon and Walmart.

6.      Craft clear CTAs in your email

On Black Friday, your customers are likely to receive a lot of emails from their favorite retailers. How can you make yours stand out? One way is by using clear Call-to-action (CTA) buttons that are easy to click on and look like they belong in the email.

One way you can do this is by using a button that stands out from the rest of the text in your email. These buttons should also be large enough for users to easily click on without having to zoom in or scroll down—or having their eyes strain too much! Finally, use colors that contrast with others used throughout your emails—give them some pop! This will help ensure that everyone sees what they need quickly and easily. With the Dialog Insight platform, you can configure buttons for use in landing pages and emails.

The key takeaway is that you need to be smart about how you market your Black Friday sale. It’s not just about discounts and deals. By following these six tips—segmenting your list, finding the right frequency, using power words, creating a sense of urgency, crafting clear CTAs, making your emails personal and specials —you can set yourself up for email marketing success this Black Friday season!

Find out how Dialog Insight and its teams specializing in relationship marketing can help you with your Black Friday Campaign. Contact us today.

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