3 proofs that technology takes over marketing

Has personalized marketing become a science? Which of marketing or technology is really responsible for the “data culture”?
Pascale Guay
1 May 2014
Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign
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preuves que la technologie sempare du marketing

Has personalized marketing become a science? Which of marketing or technology is really responsible for the “data culture”?

When we talk about personalization, marketers and technology become equal partners. Their businesses require of them oriented “data culture” systems. They want to become more relevant in their communications, using the data of all kinds, analyze it and customize the business relationship. The ultimate goal: increase sales. Here are 3 proofs that technologies play a role increasingly important in the marketing world.

When IT is buying marketing

For 3 years, we have followed the waves of acquisition of email marketing companies. The market is changing and the players change too. These “marketing” companies have been acquired by technology firms:

  • Oracle has laid hands on Eloqua and Responsys
  • Salesforce has relied on Exact Target
  • and this month, IBM acquired Silverpop

More complex structures

In the “data culture” we are far from the Excel file containing all the customer data. Indeed, when we discuss personalized marketing, the aim always returns to the same: the database. We are now talking about database, relational tables, APIs, etc. These are terms generally more associated with technology. The only limit to personalization is the quality and quantity of available data.

Security, an important element

We talked a lot about the importance of creating a structure to comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. But do you know who is responsible for this implementation in companies? For the vast majority of companies with which we interact, decision makers are technology vice presidents, infrastructure vice-presidents and CIOs accompanied by legal counsel. Who do you think is responsible for aspects of data security? Securing data transfers? Although the role of technology is undeniable in today’s personalized marketing, do not forget the marketing need to base and ensure that the two worlds can work. Also hope that universities and training schools adapt to provide more specific training to meet all job offers specialist marketing database.

Stay on the lookout to be a part in the evolution of technology marketing!

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