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Growing Mobile Usage What’s Your Email Strategy?

IphoneIt is no surprise that mobile usage in Canada is growing at astounding rates. Did you know that over 62% of Canadians now own a smartphone? This growth is not a result of increased phone calls, and in fact Canadians are using their mobile devices to replace desktop computers in many cases. We are using our smartphones to watch videos, search the web for information, for social networking or connecting with friends through various apps, banking, shopping online, as well as reading emails.

Following right along with this trend, we are seeing an increase in emails opened on mobile devices by more than 6% in the last five months. Below is a chart to showcase how emails are being viewed by Canadians*.

Mobile statistics chart

*These statistics are recorded on emails sent from Canada via Openfield Contact.

Over 31% of emails are being viewed on mobile devices vs. 68% on desktop computers. As seen in the chart above, this is an upward trend that we are seeing and smartphones are slowly representing over one-third of how Canadians are viewing their email messages.

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