What Is Mobile Marketing?

Discover all the mobile marketing secrets! Dialog Insight reveals everything you need to know about marketing techniques and solutions tailored to mobile devices.
Alexia Lapointe-Ouellet
4 October 2021
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These days, with the development of smartphones and mobile technologies, people’s consumption patterns are evolving. Mobile users are permanently connected. They check their mobile phones dozens of times a day. Consumers are quickly looking for information that specifically meets their needs. At Dialog Insight, mobile marketing represents an important acquisition channel. That’s why it’s essential to include it in any good marketing strategy. 

Mobile marketing: what is it? 

Mobile marketing, or m-marketing, represents all the marketing techniques that are suitable for use on mobile devices. The term “mobile” is important, since mobile marketing concerns devices such as smartphones that allow consumers to move around while staying connected. It represents an increasingly large portion of marketing, as today’s consumers spend a lot of time on these devices and take part in the conversion process through them.

It is important for a business to connect with consumers, and setting up an m-marketing campaign is a great way to achieve this goal. Even more, it lets you conquer them and gain their loyalty, with purchase as the focal point. At Dialog Insight, we help you maximize your marketing campaign to reach your objectives and connect with consumers.

Understanding what customers want

The best way to attract and retain customers is to understand exactly what they expect and to familiarize yourself with their needs. Armed with this key information, the company can turn to the system that will offer its customers and visitors the best possible browsing experience. In some cases, a mobile application for smartphones will be more useful. In other cases, a website with a responsive design will be more advantageous, since it adapts perfectly to the device on which it is viewed.

Mobile marketing tools

Things have really changed since text messages were the only way to capture the attention of customers. These days, mobile marketing offers many possibilities to the specialists from Dialog Insight. They can make their clients’ experience much more interactive so that they can interact much more effectively with their users. There are different tools that will allow companies to achieve this objective.

Responsive websites

In order to adapt to the different screen types that exist today, responsive websites are designed and developed to be compatible with all of them. They allow advertisers to broadcast targeted ads corresponding to the tastes and interests of the consumer. For example, these involve advertising retargeting, which is a practice that consists of targeting a consumer who has expressed interest in a product on a website, but who has not made a purchase. 

Advertising on mobile applications

Advertising on mobile applications is a fast-growing mobile marketing sector. Usually, companies pay the applications to publish advertising content about their products or services. Depending on the target audience, medium, or format, different types of advertising exist. This includes advertising banners that appear when a smartphone owner uses an app. Push notifications are another way to attract the attention of users.

Advertising banners

Sometimes called a pop-up, an advertising banner is a form of online advertising that appears in a dedicated space of a mobile application. It is intended to stimulate and attract the attention of the user who is currently using the app. It allows companies to trigger the user to go to their website and to promote their brand through the advertising banner.

Push notifications

A push notification is a short message sent to users’ mobile devices, whether they are using the app or not. This mobile marketing tool can sometimes seem intrusive. However, it lets you trigger a reaction from the user by sending messages such as a discount on one of the products or an announcement for the company’s new product or service.

Social media posts

These days, it’s obvious that advertising on different social networks is a direct and ideal way to reach the desired audience. Examples of social media platforms include:

  • Facebook; 
  • Instagram;
  • YouTube;
  • Twitter;
  • TikTok;
  • Snapchat; etc.

An advertising campaign on social media lets you target new customers and retain existing customers. Depending on the chosen social network, different types of ads exist.

SMS campaigns and targeted emails

Although they have been used for a very long time, implementing SMS campaigns is still an effective way to reach many consumers. They benefit from a very high read rate, since mobile phone users can read them directly through the notification that appears on the screen of their device. Targeted emails and SMS campaigns will allow for the delivery of a personalized message and help the consumer go through the conversion process.

Marketing via geo-tracking

Thanks to geo-tracking, it’s now possible to send a message to a person who is near a point of sale, for example. It uses the location data of the potential customer to deliver a text message. This is ideal for grabbing this person’s attention and inviting them to walk through the doors of the store by informing them about the products or services that the company offers.

QR codes

QR codes are two-dimensional codes containing various pieces of relevant information about a company and its products and services. They also include other data, such as a mailing address and a telephone number. They are very useful in the context of a mobile marketing campaign. Indeed, they give a user direct access to a wide variety of information simply by scanning the QR code pattern.

What are the advantages of mobile marketing?

Speed of implementation

It’s very fast to set up a mobile marketing campaign. The only requirement is to have a list of cell phone numbers. 

Developing the company’s brand image

Mobile marketing allows a company to give itself the means to stand out with the public and thereby convey a modern and attractive image. 

Conquering new customers and increasing sales

This is still an important advantage and the ultimate goal of a good m-marketing campaign. Mobile marketing lets you reach new customers and achieve new sales. As for regular customers, mobile marketing often leads to increased sales

Setting up campaigns that are accessible to everyone

Mobile devices such as smartphones and cell phones account for billions of the connected devices around the globe. Suffice to say, the number of potential customers is colossal. All these customers may represent potential targets for a company’s products. Mobile marketing campaigns allow for an increased accessibility to promote your products, your services, and your brand.

Personalized marketing campaigns

Another strength of mobile marketing is opting for the personalization of a marketing campaign. Thanks to mobile marketing techniques, it has become very easy to connect with users and get to know their habits. This is ideal for personalizing an advertising campaign and showing customers the benefits that the company offers them. You will be able to provide a product or a service that will match your target’s needs.

With all these techniques, mobile marketing has many advantages for companies that want to bring in new customers or retain their existing customers. Dialog Insight fully understands the importance of adapting to each of its clients and offering them unique and personalized solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts for your future mobile marketing campaign. They will help you build a campaign according to your goals.

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