Customer case

Fenplast marketing case study and results

An automated satisfaction survey for continuous improvement of customer service

Fenplast is a company that has been active for more than 25 years. What distinguishes Fenplast from other door and window suppliers is the complete integration of manufacturing processes, from the extrusion of PVC profiles, to the manufacture of sealed units and the final assembly of doors and windows.


Field of activity
Large-scale retailing

Scope of solution

Marketing automation


Measure satisfaction

Knowing the level of customer satisfaction is very important for any company that wants to improve its service and/or products. However, obtaining customer feedback when dealing with a network of distributors can quickly become complex and inefficient. Fenplast, therefore, chose Dialog Insight to set up a survey system for its customers.

Our mandate

Help Fenplast implement a continuous process to help build better customer experience, through the collection of customers’ feedback with an efficient and automated survey. 


The goal is to collect data on customer satisfaction quickly after a transaction. These results would then be analyzed by Fenplast as a tool for continuous improvement to always provide better service and products. 

Solution implemented

Automated post-purchase feedback

A systematic data collection

To survey customer satisfaction, both in terms of service and product delivered, the objective was to systematize data collection and then automate the sending of a survey to customers following the transaction.

In this way, Fenplast ensured that it received direct feedback from its consumers.

Automate and simplify

In order to meet Fenplast’s need, Dialog Insight has implemented an automated transfer of transaction data from the Fenplast distributors’ internal system to its platform.

Automated marketing functions are used to send invitations to the satisfaction survey and remind customers who have not responded. The process consists of targeting contacts who have completed a transaction within a specified time period and sending them an email invitation to complete the satisfaction survey.

Dialog Insight’s survey tool is used to conduct the survey and collect response statistics.

Survey responses are then automatically forwarded to Fenplast’s marketing team for follow-up.

We are very pleased to have partnered with dialog insight for this project and have particularly appreciated the flexibility and power of the application. Combined with dedicated customer service and careful adherence to deadlines, the project was successfully completed and will allow us to implement several future digital marketing opportunities.

Sylvain Arbour
Marketing director, Fenplast

The results

With the implementation of a data collection system, Fenplast was able to identify weaknesses in its sales process and make significant improvements to in-store service and product installation. As a result, customer satisfaction has been greatly improved.

Number of satisfied customers

Customer loyalty


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