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Personalized marketing case study : Kaleido

Memorable and personalized birthday wishes for RESP plan beneficiaries


Founded in 1964, Kaleido Growth Inc. (formerly known as Universitas Management Inc.) is the distributor and manager of the scholarship plans promoted by the Kaleido Foundation. The organization offers Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) in the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick and supports families on their children’s journey towards post-secondary education. 

Their mission statement: “Support the fulfillment of each child’s potential in building tomorrow’s society. ”  

Medium company

Field of activity
Financial services

Scope of solution

Personalized marketing


Long-term benefits

Opening an RESP is generally a long-term commitment that stretches up to the child’s post-secondary education. That’s why Kaleido wishes to support its subscribers throughout this project. 

The objective was therefore to highlight an important event for subscribers, the birthday of the beneficiaries for whom they are saving. Generic wishes, the messages were off the table as Kaleido wanted personalized messages delivered an original way. The goal was to create a pleasant and memorable moment shared by the subscriber and beneficiary when receiving the birthday wishes.

Our mandate

Marketing automation

Meeting Kaleido’s needs meant producing an automated and personalized emailing with content altering according to the child’ age, and a customized landing page to host a video and contest.


Kaleido prepared its birthday wishes as videos that vary according to age of the beneficiary and since it’s a birthday, the company wanted to highlight the event with a surprise: a contest to win a bookstore gift-card!

Solution implemented

Managing scenario complexity

Some constraints to consider

Kaleido wanted every subscriber, whether a parent, family member or friend, to experience this moment with their beneficiary. Thus, each subscriber had to be able to participate for multiple different children and several subscribers had to be able to participate for a same child. 

Special cases had to be considered:

  • Twins or triplets
  • 2 or 3 children born the same day different years
  • Several subscribers for one or more children
  • Children born on February 29th (leap year)

A personalized and automated birthday card according to the birth date

We had to establish rules to trigger an automated e-mail based on each child’s birthday. This message also had to be personalized for the child or children celebrating their birthday on the same day. 

In addition, the email had to include a link to a landing page with a festive video specific to the child’s age (1 to 17 years) and the contest entry form. 

We therefore put in place several elements such as:

  • A flexible, tailor-made database to collect contest entries
  • The implementation of data requests to assemble the message in a lively and automated way to redirect to the right page according to the child’s age
  • The pre-population of the form with information from the subscriber and beneficiaries
  • The implementation of an automated post-registration email process
  • The creation of tailor-made processes for accounting for multiple shareholdings

The results

In one year, just over 165,000 birthday wishes were e-mailed. The results are remarkable, with nothing but positive feedback from subscribers happy with the gesture:


Opening and click rates of 51.7% and 57.5% respectively.


Contest participation rate.


Video wishes viewed since the launch.

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