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Québec Spectacles

Personalization at the service of the cultural industry in the greater Quebec City area

Québec Spectacles brings together the ticketing entertainment offer of the greater Quebec City area and promotes it to local and international audiences in order to stimulate attendance.

This project is the result of Québec City’s Vision of 2025 cultural development, which was born out of a desire to collectively bring together and promote the region’s entertainment offerings under the aegis of the members of the performing arts distribution table of the Conseil de la culture des régions de Québec et de Chaudière-Appalaches.

Québec Spectacles is part of the digital shift undertaken by the City and cultural actors to promote the scenes from here. 

Medium-sized company

Field of activity
Entertainment/Performing Arts

Scope of solution

Personalized marketing


Giving the right information, to the right person, at the right time

This is Québec Spectacles’ mission to stand out in an era where everyone is overwhelmed by content from all sides, and where entertainment can come in many different forms. It is also one of the reason that led Quebec Spectacle to look for a new solution for sending their newsletter. 

Our mandate

Québec Spectacle informed us of several objectives at the launch of the project, including:

  • Have autonomy over the implemented solution, despite the complexity of the project;
  • Be able to exploit the richness of the analytical data collected;
  • Master the technology and solution;
  • Be prepared by our teams for a partner relationship and not just a supplier;
  • Ensure that the tool evolves according to future needs.


Faced with the challenge of promoting 40 performance halls located in several different locations and presenting various artistic disciplines, it was necessary to adopt a robust and modular solution.

Solutions implemented

A flexible database

First, we built a flexible, customized database capable of collecting data from the CMS of the website. A lot of work has therefore been done to structure the data as well as possible so that everything can be done without human intervention later on. In the end, the assembly of the newsletters had to be based on criteria defined at this stage, allowing a considerable time-saving. 

Simplified content integration

The newsletter was then revised to improve its visual appearance and programmed into a drag-and-drop template to facilitate content integration. Several automated imports allow you to update, among other things, contact and preference data in order to personalized the content of the show calendar offered to the consumer.

Automated recommendations adapted to consumer interests

The use of our feature for web behavioral monitoring also allows Québec Spectacles to recognize a subscriber’s browsing activities on the website and to dynamically present recommendations adapted to his or her preferences in the newsletter. This data is then used to send fully personalized communications and to conduct retargeting campaigns based on subscriber behavior.

The automation of content provides great flexibility when sending the newsletter. As the show calendar adjusts automatically, a sending can be done once a week or once a day, without risk of error on the shows posted.

Landing pages with dynamic content

Finally, our interface for creating landing pages was used to create dynamic pages to promote certain themes (ADISQ, Christmas…) and present upcoming shows in the greater Quebec City area. These pages complement the Québec Spectacles portal and allow more precise programming segments to be conveyed as part of digital advertising campaigns.

With DI, we can work together to develop strategies. It is a team and collaborative work. We are very satisfied with the work done and the results achieved in such a short period of time.

Jean-Benoît Dumais
Coordinator, Québec Spectacles

The results

Impressive results were quickly achieved following the implementation of the solution:

More than40

Versions of the same newsletter can be sent depending on subscribers’ preferences and behavior.

Opening rate of50%

In the first month – rates have stabilized at 35% over time.

Average click rate at14%

Increase in acquisition of new subscribers in 1 year.

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