Customer Data Platform 

The only limit is your data. Centralize it, organize it, and watch the magic unfold.

Marketers choose Dialog Insight CDP for data that’s always reliable and – finally – actionable.

Our clients are now masters of their data.

(We connect the dots and reveal the bigger picture).

You have plenty of data, but it's just lying about, inscrutable and unusable.

You have several tools and data sources. But none of them are talking to each other in an optimal way. You don’t have a single source of truth to rely on.

Worse still, your data is polluted, duplicated, erroneous or incomplete.

It’s impossible to launch hyper-personalized campaigns, cross-promotions or other automations that would give you an edge over the competition.

So, you’re looking for a solution to ramp up your marketing – but one that’s simple and affordable.

Say no more.

It’s time to dust off your data and put it to use.

Centralize your different sources for a 360° view.

The Dialog Insight platform integrates easily with your MarTech ecosystem using native connectors, versatile APIs and data exports.

Break the data silos – and connect everything you have.

Capture new contacts and data.

Dialog Insight supports the acquisition of new contacts and the continuous enrichment of your first and zero party data. For example, forms, capture pages, contests and referral programs can be created with the platform.

Benefit from the unified profile (RCU).

If you have multiple entities, CRMs, websites, loyalty programs, stores… Dialog Insight unifies the profile of each customer. Benefit from a clean, unduplicated database, a complete view of your customers’ profile and lifetime value.

Qualify every customer.

Who are your most valuable customers? Who are your least committed customers, least likely to repurchase? Find out with our scoring tools. Tailor your automated messages to these groups to re-engage or retain them.

Automate arroung the complete DNA of your customer base.

Using a unified profile, the platform triggers personalized automations according to numerous segments and criteria (based on advanced statistical models such as RFM* and BANT**). All while keeping an eye on the optimal frequency.

*RFM for recency, frequency, value
**BANT for budget, authority, need, time

Don't worry, we'll even automate the communications consents.

Some of your contacts subscribe to a single mailing list, others to several at a same time? Don’t worry; Dialog Insight🅪 automatically takes care of compliance with consent status according to the various subscriptions and the latest requirements (Bill 25, C-28, RGPD…). The platform also manages your customers’ implicit (Canada), explicit and multiple consent.

Our guarantee: we can realize 100% of your data projects.

With the most flexible platform on the market and a team that is hungry for a challenge, we’ll support you in your wildest marketing campaigns.

Dialog Insight goes to great lengths to meet their clients’ needs and expectations. Whether through follow-ups or the innovation of new tools and platform features, they are receptive to feedback and ideas. The technical support is also a great asset.

Véronique Fleury

Digital integrator, CPA Québec

Go from scattered data to hyper-personalized campaigns with Dialog Insight.