16 Key Email Templates: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success

Discover our exclusive guide with 16 proven email marketing templates and transform your campaigns! Optimize your results with tested strategies and an approach focused on the success of your communications

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Testing your marketing campaigns: the key to success

Learn more about the different marketing tests and their benefits.

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Test your campaigns efficiently with Dialog Insight

Create powerful marketing campaigns for your email, SMS and push notifications, and learn more about A/X testing tools!

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Use marketing SMS to increase customer engagement

Reach your customers on the device they use the most every day with our white paper.

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Master customer engagement

Identify the level at which you are in the offering of an omnichannel customer experience.


6 easy segmentation methods to grow your email revenue

Segmentation is the first step towards an effective and relevant communication to captivate and engage your audience.

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The Complete Guide for an Effective Email

Optimize all aspects of your emails so that they reach the inbox of your contacts !

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Discover the single customer view

An essential element to your marketing personalization efforts, which is an integral part of the CDP structure. 

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Personalization in a digital world: everything you have to know

There's exactly 8 ingredients to talk about in order to understand what personalization is all about. 

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Real Time Marketing – A Guidebook to Get There

86% of individuals will pay more for a memorable experience - what if RTM brings you there?

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Everything to know about Customer Data Platform

Understand why organizations with a CDP are two and a half times more likely to achieve their marketing goals than their peers who do not have one!

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How to Comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Respect all aspects of Bill C-28 with this practical guide!