Email marketing

Welcome the cha-ching to your emailing.

Attract. Sell. Repeat.

Unlock your 35X return on investment on your email campaigns.

You’re almost there, but not quite.

Customer disengagement or even unsubscribes have started to take a toll, even causing your deliverability rates to plummet.

Your communication strategy is in dire need of a revival, and it’s time to captivate your subscribers.

However, before you can achieve that, you require a platform that excels at tailoring messages that truly connect with your audience.

Count on the robust data and nuanced insights that are essential for personalizing, automating, delivering, and maximizing the ROI of your email marketing efforts with the Dialog Insight platform.

(Prepare to watch your competitors turn green with envy.)

The Ultimate Email Marketing Platform Tailored to Your Business.

Newsletters, Promotional, Upselling and Cross-selling Campaigns, Email Campaigns, Transactional Emails, Automated and Recurring Campaigns, and One-off Campaigns: All-in-One Platform for Email Marketing Excellence.

  • Sales Campaigns (Abandoned cart reminders, recommended products)

  • Best sellers

  • New products and promotions


  • Welcome sequences

  • Newsletters

  • Storytelling

  • Birthdays


  • Communications due to inactivity, revenue decline, and website visit drop

  • Recently viewed content


  • Post-purchase sequences (Delivery tracking, survey, etc.)

  • Frequently bought with products

  • Membership renewal reminders

Save time with easy-to-build personalized emails.

Preview the rendering of your emails for each contact, audience or segment on each type of device before sending them. Dialog Insight integrates Email on Acid to validate, among other things, that your emails look impeccable, whether on desktop or mobile.

Elevate your campaign performance with automated optimization. Our platform intelligently selects the top-performing version, fine-tuning for precision based on your criteria. Discover the capabilities of our advanced Multivariate Testing Tool (A/X test). Your subscribers clicked more on product A than on product B? Product A will now be prioritized for them.

No more endless emails to produce for all your segments. Instead, allow the Dialog Insight platform to dynamically showcase the most relevant content in your emails based on your specific criteria. If you happen to operate an online store or manage a product catalog, seamlessly integrate it directly into our platform.

There are so many new data protection requirements that it’s difficult — if not impossible — for you to keep track of everything. Let the Dialog Insight platform take care of it. Benefit from our proven technology to properly configure your emails and use best practices to reduce the risk of spam complaints. Above all, make your different segments want to open each and every one of your communications.

Analyze the performance of your email campaigns and continuously improve them with intelligent dashboards. You have access to global and granular data, right down to the performance of each content in your emails, as well as the most popular products, the best sending times, subscriptions, unsubscriptions, deliverability and sales.

Your subscribers are your most valuable asset. Make it easy for your contacts to subscribe.