Marketing automation

Multiply your touch points with less effort.

Our platform saves clients over 15 hours a week by generating and automating personalized messages. It’s easier than you think.

Our clients are automating at breakneck speed.

(They’ve left the competition in the rearview mirror.)

Win your customers’ loyalty in record time.

You’ve already set up some automations: sending invoices, confirmation messages, and a few email sequences.

But that’s not enough, and you know it. You’re lacking touch points; your conversion rate needs love; or you’re struggling to re-engage your customers.

Our specialists confirm it: on average, it takes more than 25 touchpoints to convert your customers.

Or, you could just use our marketing automation tool to be there at the right time, with the right trigger, and the right message.

Dialog Insight multiplies your revenue through memorable brand experiences — hassle-free.

Launch lucrative automations
and let them do all the work.

Save time.

Increase efficiency with our AI functions (scoring, personas, DImension). Automate everything from recurring tasks (and campaigns!) to one-off offensives.

Use all your data to automate.

Our platform enables you to trigger automations on transactional and relational data based on a wide range of criteria.

Trigger your automations in real time.

With Dialog Insight, you won’t miss your shot. Each automation can be triggered at the moment most likely to convert your customers on defined behaviors or dates — and even in real time.

Create a flawless omnichannel journey.

Automate every touchpoint of the shopping experience and make your offers available wherever your customer is (web, mobile, call center, store…). Deliver exceptional experiences that increase engagement and lifetime value for every customer.

Automate the best message scenarios.

Test each of your personalized communications to discover what gives you the best results: email sequences (welcome, transactional, abandoned carts, customer reviews, newsletters), pop-up, SMS, notification, retargeting…

Our guarantee: we can handle 100% of your marketing automation projects.

With the most flexible platform on the market and a team that’s hungry for a challenge, we’ll support you in your wildest marketing campaigns.

Since implementing our abandoned cart, 28% of sales generated by our Dialog Insight communications have come from their abandoned cart emails.

Jean-Benoît Dumais

General Manager

Multiply automated — and profitable — interactions with Dialog Insight