Mobile & Web Push

Notifications have a conversion rate
20X higher than emails.

Attract attention differently. Increase traffic to your website or app. Multiply sales with the Dialog Insight platform.

Send notifications to your customers
(and do it before anyone else).

The coast is clear — for now. Don’t let the competition get a head start.

Web and mobile push are notifications sent to your customers’ web browsers or smartphones.

Their aim: drive traffic to your website or app with personalized messages that encourage action.

Experiencing lower attraction and conversion rates? You’ll love notifications. What’s more, they generate…

  • Higher subscription rates: quick and easy opt-in, no need to enter personal details

  • Better delivery: no chance of notifications ending up in spam folders

  • Lower unsubscribe rates: your visitors stay subscribed longer than with email and SMS (especially if your notifications are highly personalized — and our platform makes that possible

Several web and mobile notifications are possible.

Event promotions

Product launchs

Relevant new content

Quick sales

Special offers of the week

Notifications, the new asset in your strategy.

Turn every push into an opportunity.

Securing consent is a breeze with a simple click, whether it’s on the visitor’s browser for web notifications or within the iOS or Android phone settings for mobile notifications – just one click is all it takes.

On average, it takes more than 25 touchpoints to convert your customers. Notifications offer an efficient solution, allowing you to achieve this without spending all your time. They’re more instantaneous and direct than email, eliminating the need to sift through the inbox.

Using different tools to manage your channels isn’t the best approach. Let them seamlessly coexist within the Dialog Insight platform. Control sending times, frequency and channel selection. Optimize according to results per channel and your contacts’ preferences. What’s more, save time, avoid duplication and overexposure.

The only limit is your data! You can produce different sequences of notifications based on numerous segmentation criteria (transactional, relational, behavioral, lifecycle, etc.). Customize more than just the contact’s first name for each notification.

Preview how your notifications will look before you deploy them. Additionally, conduct A/B tests, allowing you to experiment with numerous variants and fine-tune your strategy for optimal performance.

Save time with notifications — faster than emails. A concise and layout-free SMS is ideal for a world where attention spans are dwindling, your customers will appreciate it.

Analyze the performance of your campaigns on your website and applications (deep linking) and improve them with intelligent dashboards.

We want your customers to come back as often as possible. The solution? Notifications.