Personalize without spending all your time on it.

Harness the power of data and the hyper-personalization of the Dialog Insight platform to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Our clients are masters
of market personalization.

(It’s what distinguishes them from the competition).

Your customers are always one click away from disengaging and abandoning you.

Yes, your customers. The ones for whom you work so hard. Every day, they’re apt to go somewhere else – never to return.

The solution is market personalization. It’s as simple as that.

Make offers that grab their attention. Respond precisely to their needs, preferences and portfolios.

Above all, take care of them before the competition does.

Don’t just do it halfway. Use Dialog Insight platform, the most accurate, flexible and dedicated on the market.

Transform your generic outbounds into powerful communications that…

Convert quickly

Build loyalty


There’s no longer any excuse to send the same content to all your contacts. Instead, seduce them again and again (and again).

Develop a special relationship with each and every one of your customers.

Customize on an individual scale.

At Dialog Insight, personalization is individualized. You can deliver unique messages to each customer based on their profile, behaviors, preferences, geolocation, purchases, and journey.

Create quickly and without limits.

Generate 5 or 500 message variations in just a few minutes – whether they’re unilingual or multilingual, and increase engagement. You’ll also gain vast efficiencies when we merge AI-powered systems, your content library and your product catalog.

Recommend the right products.

Dialog Insight connects to your platforms and leverages each of your customer data. Thanks to its analyses, the right product is introduced to the right person (and at the right time). Use your new personalization to increase cross-selling, loyalty and the lifetime value of each contact. Increase shopping cart purchases by proposing complementary and related products.

Hyper segment, hyper personalize.

Dialog Insight DImension module makes it easy to hyper personalize your emails according to multiple segments. The module automatically associates your available content with the correct customers.

Take advantage of unique promo codes.

There’s every reason to use promo codes: to clear stock, to mark a birthdat, to re-engage inactive customers, to thank loyal customers, to send a free sample… What’s more, the platform lets you create unique promo codes, for better control and tracking of performance.

Eliminate complexity with distributed marketing.

Deliver consistent campaigns across all your brands (national and local) while maintaining a centralized view of your marketing actions.

Our guarantee: we can handle 100% of your marketing personalization projects.

With the most flexible platform on the market and a team eager for challenges, we’ll support you in your wildest marketing campaigns.

With Dialog Insight, we were able to deliver a personalized newsletter to each of our millions of members within the same timeframe and using our existing resources. We’ve increased our relevance, sales and retention. Dialog Insight has changed the way we look at our customer communications.

Edith Tremblay

Relationship Marketing Manager,
Irresistible customer messaging with Dialog Insight is as easy as 1-2-3.