All the power of personalized marketing on one single platform

An affordable and easy-to-use tool for your multichannel marketing campaigns.

Email marketing feature, Fonctionnalité de marketing par courriel

Share your message in a more meaningful way and strengthen your relationship with your contacts at each stage of the buying cycle with personalized emails.

Choose from our awesome all responsive template library and build your emails with a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool.

Personalize the customer journey and boost conversion by triggering the right action at the right time.

Choose among our ready-to-use marketing automation scenarios, such as a welcome sequence or a shopping cart abandonment reminder, or build your own in a snap!

Marketing automation screen | Dialog Insight
Dynamic content – Advanced personalization

Use the drag-and-drop editor and content library to easily present dynamic and personalized products and offers to your contacts.

Drive engagement and conversion with content that your customers are truly interested in.

Develop campaigns that align the messaging, objectives and design across each channel and device to increase customer loyalty and sales.

Client relationship management software – Omnichannel strategy, Logiciel de gestion de la relation client - Stratégie omnicanal
Flexible data structure for a complete view of the customer profile

Understand customers’ behaviors and expectations by building your own knowledge base tailored to your needs. Provide them with the unique value they are looking for.

Reach your goals faster using optimization techniques such as A/B testing and see your marketing campaigns ROI with customizable reporting.

Put your efforts where it matters most. The behavioral tracking and lead scoring features help ranking your best leads and customers and their interests in order to personalize communications based on their buying stage.

Detailed analytics report for a better understanding of your marketing actions