Let your data guide your marketing decisions

Find out the reel potential of your marketing actions: campaigns, customer journeys, and more! Identify your next opportunities in the blink of an eye and define effective strategies, based on your customers’ needs.

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Discover, understand, and trust your data

Monitor your marketing KPIs in real-time: Engagement, productivity, profitability… Analyze your KPIs easily with Dialog Insight.


Get the answers you need

Engagement, costs, ROI, conversion funnel… Track the performance of your campaigns in real-time.
Define tailor-made KPIs, then let the application generate a statistical report that is suitable for your needs.


Get quick access to actionable insights

Easily analyze your data, track your performance indicators with personalized and collaborative dashboards.
Identify your opportunities and define your future strategies with ease using our data visualization tools.


Monitor your ROI with our detailed sales tracking reports

Easily track sales with just one email click.
Discover which customers made a purchase after receiving a communication, what they bought, and how much revenue your campaigns generated.

Stop guessing, (A/B) test

Test each component of your campaigns using our management tool for A/B and multivariate tests. Content, design, and much more! Discover what converts so you can optimize your performance.


Set your goals for success

Clicks, openings, return on investment… Determine the success indicator, and we will identify which version of your communication is most effective!


Test whithout limits

Content, design, object line, send time, etc. Save time, quickly highlight what drives conversions.


Maximise your performance

Quickly identify the parameters that perform best and implement winning strategies.

Increase your customer knowledge

Develop your understanding of your customers by using a detailed statistical view broken down by group or segment. Build your strategies around these insights to increase the effectiveness of your relational campaigns.


Track your performance by segment and personas

Analyze your results by segments and personas in real-time and adapt your marketing strategies.


Qualify your audiences automatically with the Scoring indicator

Turn your aggregated data into powerful indicators.
Identify your best customers (silver, platinum, gold, etc.) or calculate an engagement score (purchases made in the last 6 months, product categories visited, etc.), and never miss another opportunity to connect.


Engage and collect key insights with our Survey and Contest tools

Collect demographic information, satisfaction, etc… and transform it into actionable data for your upcoming campaigns with just one click.

« The solution provided by Dialog Insight allowed us to centralize the view and management of our marketing campaigns on SMS and email channels while consolidating our customer knowledge in the same environment. We thus have an evolving tool that allows us to use diversified functionalities and to personalize our communications, both nationally and locally, while adjusting our commercial pressure. Finally, Dialog Insight’s teams are available, reactive and provide us with quality support.»

Customer Relationship Team, E. Leclerc