Plan all your campaigns in a single platform

Optimize your revenue, increase performance, and improve retention with personalized communications, sent to the right channel automatically.

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Meet your contacts, share your messages across all of your channels

Email, SMS, push notifications for the web and mobile devices, etc. Identify cross-channel opportunities and choose the best channel for each message and each target.


Get started right away with our drag-and-drop email builder and pre-built templates.

Save time. Create messages and set up your campaigns easily with our drag-and-drop design tools. You can also use one of the templates that are already built into the platform.  


Personalize your communications based on the behavior and characteristics of your contacts

Send dynamic content based on the behavior and preferences of your customers.

Personalizing your content based on actions such as a purchase or a visit to a product page has never been easier.


Run tests for your messages’ preview and rendering in the blink of an eye

Whether they are opened on mobile, tablet or desktop, in Gmail, Outlook or other… preview all the variations of your emails in a few clicks. Are you using custom blocks?

View the rendering of your personalized emails right in the editor


Send your messages at the right time: automate your sequences

Combine customer knowledge and customer behavior to send event-based messaging (website visit, cart abandonment, email click or any other event).


Boost your conversion and engagement rates : Test

Optimize your overall marketing performance by testing each element and making sure you’re relevant.

Capture their attention: personalize your communications

Make your customers feel special. Personalize your communications for them and develop 1:1 relationships with each customer by making product recommendations, geotargeted offers, etc.

Send 100% dynamic content

Hyper-personalize your messages.

Create an asset library (images, promotional offers, email subject, etc.), define your segmentation criteria, and leave the rest to us.
Generate 10,40,100+ combinations in a matter of minutes and easily raise your engagement rate!”

Increase your team productivity: automate your campaigns (sequences, transactional emails, etc.)

Build strong relationships with your customers and increase their lifetime value (LTV) by setting up predefined automated sequences that are triggered by their actions.


Combine multiple channels for successful campaigns

Create scenarios based on the preferences, responses, and behaviors of your contacts. Plan everything in advance to stay visible and in tune with your customers’ action.

Use different channels in the same sequence to increase your marketing impact, and meet the needs of your customers.

Activate your sequences at the right time: Use multiple triggers

Combine customer knowledge and customer behavior to send action-based messaging (website visit, cart abandonment, email click, or any other event).

This personalization based on each customer’s behavior will guarantee a higher engagement rate.

Set up automated interactive projects

Manage complex business processes directly on the platform.

With a solution and modules as flexible as ours, our team can assist you in your wackiest marketing campaign projects. No matter what level of interactivity you want to offer your customers, challenge us and you won’t be disappointed.

Develop entirely tailor-made tools, based on the business procedures that are unique to your organization. Something that no other campaign orchestration tool is capable of!

« The solution provided by Dialog Insight allowed us to centralize the view and management of our marketing campaigns on SMS and email channels while consolidating our customer knowledge in the same environment. We thus have an evolving tool that allows us to use diversified functionalities and to personalize our communications, both nationally and locally, while adjusting our commercial pressure. Finally, Dialog Insight’s teams are available, reactive and provide us with quality support.»

Customer Relationship team, E. Leclerc