Build customer loyalty by leveraging your customer knowledge

Discover our quick and easy tools available to add a personal touch to all of your communications without sacrificing time.

Talk with an expert

Unique message for every customer

Take advantage of our platform to send personalized messages quickly.

At the right time, on the right channel

Find the best interaction opportunities to boost value

Consistent customer experience

Leverage your customer knowledge throughout the journey to deploy successful campaigns

Spend less money by using our one-of-a-kind platform for all of your personalization needs

Regardless of the channel you choose, the Dialog Insight platform guarantees to fully meet your needs

Automated triggers

Optimize your results, automate your campaigns

By communicating at the right time, you can create winning strategies:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Electronic receipt (ereceipt)
  • Welcome sequence
  • Confirmation, reminder, etc.
Omnichannel campaign

Choose your preferred channel to increase your conversions

In order to increase conversion, our platform’s artificial intelligence automatically determines your preferred channel. It integrates a number of channels, including email, SMS, mobile, and the web.

Unique promo code

Provide tailored promotions to increase client loyalty

With the help of our platform, you can send promotional codes to your customers in order to keep them engaged or get them interested.

Find out about our Dimension module if you want to send simple personalized communications.

Automate the hyper-personalization of your messages

Dimension, our unique AI-powered module, will save you money by automatically assembling relevant messages for each of your customers.

Personalization Matrix

Personalize more with less work

Develop your personalization matrix quickly to automate the creation of a message that’s unique according to:

  • purchase history
  • consumption preferences
  • customer journey
  • or any other customer data
Asset library

Generate interest and engage your customers

Create offers that are tailored to each segment and improve your results by using our bilingual content library.

Testing and integration

Quickly and easily create your message with a few clicks.


Our platform takes care of all the integration work by connecting your content and personalization matrix.

It’s simple to test and validate the various versions to make sure your rules are being followed correctly.


Segment your results to confirm your strategies’ efficacy.


You can segment your audience using Dimension to create a segmentation matrix that will allow you to thoroughly analyze your email campaign results.

You will be able to see how many different versions have been generated. You won’t believe how much time you were able to save by doing that.