Mistake email - Erreur courriel

Oops! How to survive email mistakes

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Shame, discouragement, frustration, PANIC!

These are just some of the emotions that you feel when you’ve just sent an email containing one or more mistakes to hundreds of people. But do not yield to these emotions. After all, to err is human. Everybody makes a mistake at one point. If you’re involved in email sending, you’ll make a mistake too, sooner or later.

Sometimes, mistakes are small, like a typo or an image misalignment. And sometimes more serious, like wrong product pricing, an inappropriate sentence that you forgot to change or the use of a wrong mailing list. This is when an erratum should be used.

You made a mistake? Why not try to turn this embarrassing situation to your advantage? Some “Oops” messages even get better results than the originals. You just need to get this one right.

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White Paper - Practical Guide on Email Deliverability

White Paper – Practical Guide on Email Deliverability

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Email delivery is quite important when you are responsible for email marketing for your company. This complex process deserves all your attention if you want to understand what can impact your delivery rate and what the related statistics mean.

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