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Handy tips to craft compelling emails

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How many personal letters have you received lately in your mailbox? Compare that with how many emails you receive in your private and work inbox every day. And I’m not even talking about text and social media messages. We’re living in an era where everybody is flooded daily with wave upon wave of emails and messages. How do you stand out in this digital tsunami? The answer is: keep it simple.
No one prays for headaches. Keeping your emails clear, concise and to the point is a sign of consideration for your readers. In return, they’ll reward you with higher open and click-through rates instead of just putting your email in the bin. Here’s a handful of practical tips to help you keep your emails tight and sexy.

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White Paper - Practical Guide on Email Deliverability

White Paper – Practical Guide on Email Deliverability

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Email delivery is quite important when you are responsible for email marketing for your company. This complex process deserves all your attention if you want to understand what can impact your delivery rate and what the related statistics mean.

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