Top 10 tips to (literally) kill your email marketing campaigns

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Email marketing is definitely still a relevant and viable communications channel despite clickbait headlines and your inherent urge to gleefully, albeit somewhat maniacally, trash everything in sight. However, gone are the days where you could simply whip up an oh-so-pretty design, put together some compelling copy, optimize here and there, and expect the conversion floodgates to open. Email marketing is always changing, thanks to evolving customer behaviour and needs as well as evolving technologies. And many marketers are still sabotaging their campaigns by forgetting some crucial aspects of email marketing. Here are our top 10 tips to make sure your email marketing campaigns bust, rather than boom. Say goodbye to your email marketing ROI!

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White Paper - Practical Guide on Email Deliverability

White Paper – Practical Guide on Email Deliverability

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Email delivery is quite important when you are responsible for email marketing for your company. This complex process deserves all your attention if you want to understand what can impact your delivery rate and what the related statistics mean.

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