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People of DI: Cindy Martineau

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People of DI: Cindy Martineau

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Each month of this summer, we will be presenting a portrait of a key employee at Dialog Insight. This month, meet Cindy Martineau, client experience coach and project manager.

Cindy MartineauWhat is your professional path so far?

Since I was little, I always had interest and ease with technology.  No one was surprised when I decided to follow a multimedia integration program after high school. It’s a highly diversified 3-year program that covers design, integration, project management as well as programming. During my studies, I followed the integration path. I did internships in this field and worked 3 years as a web integrator. I really liked my job but I missed the human approach. So I looked at the options in the project management or strategy area or any job with client interaction.

I have now been at Dialog Insight for 4 years and I am proud to say that I covered a lot in a really small amount of time. I was hired to work in the technical support and customer services department. Thanks to my background and my knowledge, I got the chance to do some integration, client training and project management too. Then, quite quickly, I became a full-time project manager. I recently had the opportunity of switching to the client experience team as client experience coach with the #1 goal of being present for the clients and ensuring their satisfaction. I also kept a part of my project management role. A nice challenge that allows me to touch a little of all facets of the work I love. Even today, I sometimes go back to my first love and do support and training. So we can say that I am very versatile.

Can you describe your daily work?

I am driven by challenges and diversity. And I am very well served at DI! My daily work is summarized by a quality that describes me well: multitasking. Why multitask? Because I take care of both, the needs and customer contact of project management as well as the “internal” side (documentation and management of the team). In terms of customer experience, I mainly do project analysis and coaching, with a portion of administration for everything related to renewals, monitoring satisfaction, etc. As for coaching, I love to analyze how the client works and the modules they use in order to better advise them on the best way to work.

What do you love most about your job?

The diversity, the clients and their satisfaction. There is not one day identical to another, the projects are always different. When I get up in the morning, it is impossible to predict what the day will hold for me. Except for scheduled meetings, I rarely know what’s waiting for me; it all depends on the customer requests we receive. My clients are important and their satisfaction is just as important. When clients are satisfied and we are able to establish a trusting relationship, this is my greatest reward.

Tell us about the challenges you get.

Every day gets its challenge. I would say that it’s to adapt to different client types. Some have a very good technical background and some absolutely don’t. So it’s a great challenge to know how to adapt so that we are on the same page, no matter who the customer is.

What would be your advice for someone beginning in relational marketing?

We have a very flexible platform that offers many modules and features with which we can do a lot. However, what I keep telling my clients is that you have to go step by step. Baby steps! You have to learn to walk before running.


Would you like to enjoy the customer experience offered by Cindy and the members of the Dialog Insight team? Contact us today and we will be pleased to answer your needs!


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