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People of DI: Emilie Michaud

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People of DI: Emilie Michaud

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This month, for our employee portrait, we would like you to meet Emilie Michaud, Human Resources Manager at Dialog Insight.

Émilie Michaud - Gestionnaire des ressources humainesWhat is your professional path so far?

In 2016, I completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Human Resources Management at Université Laval. During my first year that I started my Masters in People and Organization Development, I also worked as a teaching assistant in human resources, which allowed me to present two university courses and review its content. Next joined the human resources consulting market, but I soon found myself wanting to work in a company, to be part of an organization, to develop a sense of belonging, and to participate in the growth of a SME and in the development of its employees through time. This brought me to Dialog Insight, as their Human Resources Manager.

Can you describe your daily work?

Part of my everyday life is spent towards the recruitment of new employees. Whether it’s to post job offers, to find the best candidates, to conduct hiring interviews, to participate in the selection or the pre-hiring processes, to welcome and to integrate new employees, or to follow-up on various HR processes, my work is very diversified. Among other things, I am responsible for improving human resources processes and reviewing procedures.

Our recent growth locally and internationally, has given our HR department a lot of hardships. Therefore, I am very busy dealing with the hiring procedures of our first European employees, whilst dealing with local issues. It requires a lot of coordination, investigation and research.

On a day-to-day basis, I also support and advise both managers and employees on various human resources tasks and issues, whether it is for reviews, goal follow-ups, personal and professional development, and much more.

What do you love most about your job?

Dialog Insight offers me a lot, both professionally and personally. I have a lot of freedom and decision-making power, which allows me to quickly evolve and gain confidence.  I really enjoy discussing with my colleagues on how to get things done efficiently and effectively so that both the company and the people can constantly evolve. Collaboration and innovation-driven discussions are at the center of our practices and can be seen across every employees, whether it is with an executive member, a manager or a work team. At Dialog Insight, being open and transparent is crucial, which for me is essential within an organization. Finally, what I like about my job is to participate in the personal and professional development of my colleagues.

Tell us about the challenges you face.

Business growth is great, but it also brings its load of challenges. Our team is growing quickly. Therefore, we must be on the lookout for the best ways to recruit strategically and efficiently. The lack of available workforce we face means that we must remain proactive and attentive to the market. Our recent breakthrough into the French European market represents a major challenge in terms of procedures and processes for hiring employees abroad. We are going through a lot of changes at this moment, which forces us to see further ahead, to adapt, innovate and surpass ourselves.

What advice would you give someone looking for a job?

Here are my three advice that I would give to a future colleague, or a new employee: be to be genuine, love what you do, and surpass yourself!

At DI, we look for people who love what they do, every day, and who want to grow and exceed expectations. But first and foremost, we hire a person, a personality, a talent; so being yourself is key to being happy and successful at Dialog Insight.

You would like to be part of the DI team? We are currently looking to fill the following position:

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