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Look back on the “Rendez-Vous DI” 2017

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Rendez-Vous DI 2017

Look back on the “Rendez-Vous DI” 2017

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For its 3rd edition, Dialog Insight’s Rendez-Vous DI welcomed, on May 4th in Montreal, several dozens of marketing and technology professionals from various sectors of activity. The day, divided into two parts of training, technical and marketing, successfully met its objective by generating new ideas that participants were able to take away and apply in their daily work. Here is a summary of this day rich in learning.

Technical training

The day started with a training session on Dialog Insight’s platform features. Participants were given a demonstration, with concrete examples of how to customize the content of an email using the contact profile, relational tables, personas, e-commerce data, and SQL queries. Personalization was at the heart of this presentation as it is always the most effective way to capture and retain the attention of the recipient; which is becoming more and more difficult nowadays, considering the fierce competition in the inbox. So, why don’t you start doing it too?

The second part of the morning was devoted to discussing the functionalities under the trendy topic of re-engagement campaigns. These easy to implement campaigns enable you to:

  • Retrieve contacts that have become inactive in your database,
  • Clean-up your list,
  • Increase your open and click rates, and
  • Improve your sender reputation.

We covered the features of engagement-based groups, profile update forms, landing pages, operational links, and automated scenarios.

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Marketing training

In the afternoon, participants were able to see and apply strategic concepts of content, email, landing pages and marketing automation in an optimization workshop. Our guests from Ricardo Media had generously lent us some of their business objectives so that the exercise was more tangible for the participants. The concepts targeted by this group brainstorm were then adapted and reused in real life situations for each individual.

The day concluded with a conference on the implementation of simple and effective campaigns to achieve better results without putting too much effort. These high-efficiency campaigns include welcome campaigns and reminders following the abandonment of a shopping cart. Welcome messages have an average open rate of 50%, while cart abandonment emails receive an average of 28.5% click rate. These figures clearly demonstrate the impact of these messages on consumers, and the conference provided an opportunity to learn how to use them effectively.

The 2017 edition of the “Rendez-Vous DI” was a great success. The Dialog Insight team would like to thank everyone who attended.

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