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The Ultimate Email Fight – Fight #1: Hollister VS Sephora

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Email Ulimate Fight

The Ultimate Email Fight – Fight #1: Hollister VS Sephora

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The end of the year is coming and a lot of you take advantage of this period to review your email strategy. To help you in this task, we have decided to provide you with a series of articles that present different marketing emails sent to our employees and show you the good, and not so good points. You will then be able to draw your own conclusions and apply the insight to your own emails.

For our first comparison, we will analyze two well known companies – Sephora and Hollister.

Round 1: The email’s subject

Sephora :

Powerful new products + 2x points

Hollister :

Master the Mix! Our new Lookbook just arrived.

Sephora’s subject is very efficient. In a glance, you know what the message is about – it offers powerful new products for twice the points. As for Hollister’s subject, it is also good but not as clear as to what the message offers. So for this reason, Sephora wins the first round.

Round 2: Personalization

Sephora uses some personalization elements, such as the first name of the client, the status and the number of cumulated points. It also offers a preference update form that lets you provide information to receive personalized offers. However, they present both English and French content in the same message, which can be quite frustrating for the customer. And even more so for a French client who is presented with the English message first. So for all these negatives, nobody wins this round.

Round 3: Mobile display

Hollister’s design can more easily be resized to display properly on mobiles, and is simpler and easier to read. There is less text, with a text font and size that fits on smaller screens, and buttons are easily clickable. Sephora’s email is more difficult to read, especially on a mobile screen as the text is too small. So, the display winner is Hollister.

Sephora Mobile Hollister mobile

Round 4: Mobile version text

Many mobile platforms display a summary of the message right below the subject. This mobile version text is added at the very beginning of the message so that it’s displayed there.

Both companies have used this feature well, and in both cases, the text provides more information about the content of the message. However, Sephora’s display of both languages is not as good as it could be. It shows English mobile text to a French recipient. This fail causes Sephora to lose this round to Hollister.

Sephora et Hollister amorce mobile Hollister et Sephora Amorce

Round 5: Call-to-action

In Sephora’s message, the main call-to-action is found in the top section of the email, which is the best place to ensure visibility. However, it does not stand out as there is hardly any contrast with the rest of the text. The other call-to-actions are as discrete and present low contrasts.

As for Hollister, their call-to-action is also shown on the top part of the message. But here, it is well contrasted and stands out more. The same goes for the other call-to actions in the message – they show more contrasts and clear destinations. So, this round goes to Hollister.

And the winner is…

Sephora Hollister
Subject of the message X
Mobile display X
Mobile version text X
Call-to-action X

For our first ultimate email fight, Hollister is without question the winner. Their email is better displayed on mobile devices, includes a mobile version text that is more efficient and call-to actions that are clear and well positioned. Hollister could however still improve their message by offering products more in synk with their customers’ interests and gender.

Stay tuned for our next ultimate email fight!


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