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Top 10 tips to (literally) kill your email marketing campaigns

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Top 10 tips to (literally) kill your email marketing campaigns

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Email marketing is definitely still a relevant and viable communications channel despite clickbait headlines and your inherent urge to gleefully, albeit somewhat maniacally, trash everything in sight.

Consider some of these stats. According to McKinsey & Company, email prompt purchases are estimated to be at least three times that of social media—and total order values are also 17% higher. McKinsey & Company also purport that email is 40 times more effective than acquiring customers on social media. Wordstream also demonstrates that email receives an average of 44$ return on investment for each dollar spent.

However, gone are the days where you could simply whip up an oh-so-pretty design, put together some compelling copy, optimize here and there, and expect the conversion floodgates to open.

Email marketing is always changing, thanks to evolving customer behaviour and needs as well as evolving technologies. And many marketers are still sabotaging their campaigns by forgetting some crucial aspects of email marketing.

Here are our top 10 tips to make sure your email marketing campaigns bust, rather than boom. Say goodbye to your email marketing ROI!

1. Don’t bother with a holistic campaign strategy that focuses on subscriber lifecycle

Need a campaign to boost sales for a particular lagging product? Make sure you don’t just get someone – or anyone – to put together a few emails and fun calls to action. Determine your goal, the targeted audience (according to where they are in their lifecycle), the offer that will increase their value over time, etc. Just define a good strategy and find the right people to carry it out.

2. Ignore email delivrability

Maintaining a healthy, quality email list may be time-consuming. But what about unengaged, inactive leads or wrong emails? This is a great way to increase bounce rates or unsubscribes…and you do not want this.

3. Ditch segmentation and stick to mass mailing

Watch our webinar - Create engagement with marketing personasAfter all, who wants relevance, right? Sometimes marketers are too busy or strapped for resources and think the same message can be ok for all leads and customers. Nowadays, personalization is a must and easier to do than we think. Start with building lists based on your personas and define an offer for each one. Voilà!

4. Keep the experience underwhelming

Being able to craft rich email design and message variety is close to hiking up the marketing version of Kilimanjaro. We hear you. And don’t even get us started on adding interactivity, social media and videos like the competition does. Any email campaign is bound to sure to generate at least some clicks and opens. So if your lacking time and resources, just at least try to have a nice design and compelling copy.

5. Confuse recipients

Creativity trumps everything else when it comes to email marketing. Go wild with your design. But keep in mind the importance of information hierarchy and emphasis. The less calls to action, the better. You certainly don’t want to tap into every single opportunity to get email recipients to click somewhere (anywhere!) in your email.

6. Use marketing automation for robots, not humans

What is a busy marketer to do? Leverage the power of email marketing automation! Programming emails in advanced is indeed a way to slash repetitive. But don’t set up a dozen or so emails that tout your products and services for once and think you’re done! Your marketing automation scenarios should considerate the buyer’s journey and be constantly tracked and updated. Learn from the results, adjust and do what it takes to convert leads.

7. Send recipients to your homepage

Ever heard of landing pages? Optimized landing pages are not a luxury, they are a must. Email recipient can’t get all the information he or she needs on the website. Using landing pages with strong narratives, storytelling and specific call to actions will definitely help boost your conversions.

8. Adopt a cookie-cutter approach

Emails can be viewed on a variety of different devices, whether it be desktop computers, smartphones or tablets. You may think it’s better to play it safe and stick to a one-size-fits-all email format. But many email marketing platform offer free and ready to go responsive templates. There are no more excuses to not create responsive email campaigns.

9. Skip A/B testing

We’re marketing professionals. We know what works (cue in the gut feeling!) A/B testing is not only for data nerds who actually have the time. A few tweaks can make any significant impact on email performance levels. Give it a try! Start with easy variations like subject line or images.

10. Believing the first 9 points of this blog post

Although this post is an exaggerated wink to the times all of us have felt that developing email marketing campaigns to be rocket science, it doesn’t have to be. Book a demo with one of our email marketing experts today to learn how you can easily set up results-driven email marketing campaigns. No pain or angst required!


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