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Top 11 marketing automation workflows that deliver maximum impact

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Top 11 marketing automation workflows that deliver maximum impact

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How well are you nurturing your leads and current customers? Are they being contacted on a regular basis, either by your sales or marketing teams, to make sure your products and services are kept top of mind? If not, you are definitely missing out on a great opportunity to leverage the power and potential of marketing automation. A marketing automation platform allows you to build workflows of triggered emails that are sent on a timely basis to your marketing database.

And today’s marketing teams are finding tremendous benefits to marketing automation, including major increases in conversions, sales, upsells/cross-sells, brand notoriety and even team productivity. What’s more: marketing automation is your secret weapon to better scoring your leads as well as pinpointing optimal product/service fits, messaging and marketing initiatives. Behaviour generates data and data is insight into what you need to be focusing on.

Where to start ?

But even the best marketers out there can sometimes feel as though setting up marketing automation workflows is a daunting task. Where do you begin? What type of workflows should you configure? How many workflows do you really need? Lack of an effective strategy and the perceived notion that marketing automation is complicated and requires a ton of content can definitely be a deterrent.

But marketing automation does not have to be relegated to rocket science. You can actually take a few baby steps to start and you’ll quickly notice the results.

To gain perspective, start by figuring out what type of information you have about your leads and customers in your contact database. Apart from the standard contact information, what are the various tags you have to describe contacts? These will include product interests, past purchase history, activity sector, and other profiling criteria.

Watch our webinar - How to create customer engagement with marketing automationNext, revisit the different stages of your pre- and post-sales funnel. Map out, for each stage, what you would like your contacts to do and what type of email could incite them to do it. For example, if you want people to subscribe to your newsletter, the trigger may be sending them an email with a special product discount for signing up. Want to get leads who registered for a free trial to purchase your SaaS software? Identify an email flow to onboard them into using your solution’s most compelling features or intrigue them with a case study on how similar customers achieved a high ROI thanks to your product.

Here are 11 marketing automation workflows you should consider for your business. Regardless of whether you are in B2C or B2B, let these ideas fire up your marketing automation brainstorming!

  1. Welcome new subscribers to your newsletter, product or service to get them hooked on your brand and offering faster.
  2. Re-engage inactive contacts or customers you haven’t heard from in a while.
  3. Remind prospects that they still have unpurchased items in the shopping carts or introduce products that complement their intended purchase.
  4. Onboard new customers with an email series so that they get up-and-running with your product or service in a snap—as opposed to them purchasing, say a month-to-month plan, realizing they haven’t had the time to use your solution, and deciding to abandon ship.
  5. Communicate with current and potential attendees to a webinar or tradeshow, such as building up the hype around the event, confirming registrations, sending reminders and holding post-event surveys.
  6. Stoke the interest of people who have downloaded specific gated content you have produced, such as a white paper, or visited a specific page, by giving them access to the next piece available in a series.
  7. Offer topic-related email tracks, whereby depending on the interests of your customers, you can send them information on those specific topics—all while highlighting how much your product or service is relevant.
  8. Upsell or cross-sell a product/service that is associated with a customer’s recent purchase.
  9. Provide regular updates on industry news that are specific to different recipients’ fields of expertise.
  10. Reward engaged contacts, long-standing clients or customers who have given your business positive reviews with exclusive content or deals.
  11. Reinitiate a finite product life cycle, such as when a subscription renewal or technical support contract is due.

There are just some of the many examples of marketing automation workflows that can really make a difference in your business. Power up your marketing automation and watch your results soar.


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  • Guffer October 8, 2018

    Actually, I’m already delivering an email with a lot ofimpct using ActiveTrail and of course with a use of right thinking, maybe I can do more using these tips. Thank you!

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