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What You Need to Know About Welcome Messages

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What You Need to Know About Welcome Messages

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Did you know that welcome messages trigger 4 times more views and 5 times more clicks than other messages? If you ever had a chance to reach your contacts, this is it. This is why this type of message is an excellent starting point when creating automated lead nurturing campaigns. The welcome message lets you get in contact with a client or prospect right at the beginning of the relationship. How to build a solid foundation is up to you.

The process

Various types of welcome messages can be triggered, depending on the event or the time period. Here are a few message examples that could be part of your scenario.

  • Present your website tool (calculator, comparator, clearance centre, etc.)
  • Promote your social networks
  • Share self-training and help tools
  • Send client satisfaction survey
  • Progressive profiling with special offer
  • Introduce new, complementary or most popular products

When implementing such a scenario, keep in mind that the sequence of messages must make sense. The purpose is to bring the contact to perform the desired action (a purchase, for example). If your first message is too aggressive, recipients might be reluctant and you’ll find yourself sending them a re-engaging message later on because they’ll be inactive.

The content

Once you have determined which messages you want to include in your welcome process, you then need to create the content. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your messages to be successful.

  • One distinctive topic per message
  • A powerful subject
  • Short and simple sentences
  • A clear and effective call to action

Now, go ahead and imagine a scenario of your own.

Do not hesitate to contact us for help on how to conduct a welcome campaign or use marketing automation.


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