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Gmail finally supports responsive!

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Gmail supporte enfin le responsive !

Gmail finally supports responsive!

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After a lot of pressure coming from the email world, Gmail has recently completed a major update of its platform in order to support Media Queries, therefore displaying responsive emails properly.

What does it mean?

Simply that it will be much easier for web developers to create emails that display properly on many mobile platforms.

A few months ago, we talked about the Spongy or Hybrid coding technique as a solution to Gmail not supporting Media Queries. Now that Gmail has made the necessary changes, you can go back to the original responsive coding method, wiith a few exceptions…

For now, changes only apply to Gmail Webmail and Android Gmail and Inbox apps. However, modifications shouldn’t take long to be rolled out to iOS. No changes have been made yet to Gmail Android apps for Non-Gmail accounts (GANGA), but we can expect Gmail to apply its update there soon too.

This enhancement from Gmail represents a major turning point for the email community. With this announcement, more than 75% of all email clients now support Media Queries and responsive design.

Let’s keep our eyes open to see if other email clients will follow to standardize responsive coding!


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