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Mobile email open rates: results by industry

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Mobile email open rates - Taux d'ouvertures de courriels sur mobiles

Mobile email open rates: results by industry

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We’ve said many times that emails now have a higher than 50% open rate on mobile devices. But what happens to this rate when we study each industry separately?

The following is a table of mobile email open rates by month per industry from 2017. The data is calculated from the results of Dialog Insight’s customers.

Mobile email opening rate by industry by month

This graph shows mobile device opens vs desktop opens by industry, compiled for the year 2017.

Mobile email open rates by industry

Looking at these figures, we can see that most of the mobile opens occur in the retail (58.1%), tourism, hotel and entertainment (57.6%) and media and content distributor (57.1%) industries. The lowest rate is for the communications and marketing agencies with 31.5%.

What does this analysis tell us?

No matter what industry you operate in, there is a good chance that at least a third of your emails will be read on a mobile device. So, if it’s not already done, it’s time to get started on a mobile strategy! In all industries, rates averaged 57.9% in December 2017. And what about you? How high is your average mobile rate?


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