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We brought many changes to our organization in order to support our clients with their growth, through technological and strategic solutions.

Hence, we focused on collaborative work and interdisciplinary teams. This way, our team is an extension of yours, from a strategic and technical point of view, which ultimately makes our support a driving force to your success.

Marketing consultant support and servicesMarketing consultant support and services

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Dialog Insight’s experts have the knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish your marketing ambitions. Our agile work methods allow us to support you throughout your projects and provide the greatest efficiency and effectiveness to all your requirements.

How does this translate for you? We have 6 large customer relationship teams within the Dialog Insight’s family, which integrates diverse expertise.

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  • Customer Relationship Team

    This team will be your first point of contact and will remain in communication with you throughout your journey with Dialog Insight.

    Dialog Insight’s Customer Solutions Managers are responsible for providing you with the best solutions at every step. They work for you and will put your requirements and business need ahead of everything. Inquire about modules or discuss your technical projects with them to determine the optimal method to move forward.

  • Consulting Service’s Team

    Our consulting service team will guide you in your strategic alignment. Alongside analysts and customer relations teams, the consulting service team works collaboratively with you to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution is offered. These teams always align your strategies and your technologies with our available solutions.

    Dialog Insight is proud to offer a wide range of services and our teams are always available to help you achieve your business goals.

  • Project Managers

    Given the size of some projects, it is important to involve an expert to manage budgets, resources, and schedules.

    You will have a project manager assigned throughout special projects to keep your interests at the forefront. This expert will provide you with weekly updates of progress on all aspects.

  • Analysts

    Analysts understand thoroughly our platform, database structures and requirements for large and complex projects. They are responsible for understanding your technical needs and guide you with recommendations, feasibility analysis, and technical support to carry out your projects.

    Experts in database structures, they are challenged to align Dialog Insight’s data structure to customer’s specifications and business rules.

  • Operations and Production Unit

    This unit includes multiple diverse teams including front end developers, campaign deployment, and deliverability experts. By combining their expertise, they ensure the realization of your marketing campaigns and projects.

    They collaborate with your teams for strong business relationships and deeper understanding of your requirements. Their overall objective is to ensure your satisfaction by meeting both visually and technically high quality standards.

  • Support Team

    In this team, we have our trainers and technical support staff. Available when you have questions about our technology, they will remain available to provide answers to your questions.

    In addition, they train and develop your skills through educative sessions so that you can optimize the use of the Dialog Insight platform to maximize your investments.

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