Operational Support

Work with specialized teams to assist in your projects and marketing campaigns


With Dialog Insight at your side, you are more than ever the master of your success

Our experts are at your disposal to help you create effective marketing campaigns. We have specialized experts that are available for you, their expertise will improve your decisions and ensure efficient strategies are implemented from start to finish.

Our platform is consistently updated and improved so you can rest assured that all your communications are delivered. Your information is always safe and available to you.

Discover our different operational services below!


  • Agile experts who understand your needs
  • Skills to complement yours
  • Support to aim higher
Operational support

Discover our services and expertise

Front end developer

This team is responsible for the realization of your custom project.

It includes the visual integration of your newsletters, the development of templates, and much more.

They also provide their expertise to ensure that the elements of your communications are optimal in terms of personalization and content.

So, feel free to share with us what more you would like to accomplish with our solutions!

Communication Coordination Service

Ensure the flawless execution and delivery of your email campaigns. How?

Our experts will deliver marketing campaigns that have gone through rigorous quality assurance checks. They provide thorough analyses of your campaign results.

This team can also:

  • Plan and estimate new campaigns in partnership with your teams;
  • Share industry’s best practices;
  • Perform optimization tests;
  • And much more!

Deliverability Expert

We have developed over 20 years of expertise in email deliverability

We can help you configure your accounts (email authentication protocols, tests and validations, etc.)

In addition to that, we can:

  • Diagnose delivery problems;
  • Determine their source;
  • Make recommendations;
  • Help to correct problems with your sendings.

Our excellent delivery reputation as an email delivery system will help you maintain high standards in the industry, and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on the optimization of your communications or new ways to approach your customers.

Are you interested in one of these specialties?

Contact our team and let us know your needs – we will connect the right people around your project.

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Technical support

Do you have a problem with the platform?

Any customer who has completed our basic training included with the purchase of Dialog Insight can access technical support.

Our support team will provide you with courteous and prompt service to answer your teams’ questions. Having found solutions to many problems, they have become real experts in supporting your teams.

In addition, we adapt the type of support to your needs. The terms and conditions surrounding technical support are defined when signing the contract and will remain flexible throughout your use of our solutions.

Their mantra: to be solution-driven at all times!


We provide an online portal to facilitate information or support requests and guarantee a response in less than 48 hours.

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