SMS marketing

90% of customers open SMS within three minutes of it being sent.

If that’s not instant, we don’t know what is. Don’t miss the boat. Get their attention and seize every opportunity with the Dialog Insight platform.

98% of your customers will open your SMS messages. It’s now the hottest form of communication.

Emails are still relevant.

But the reality is: your customers are increasingly bored with them and prefer to communicate by SMS.

After all, SMS messages are a refreshing change.

They get straight to the point.

They cut through the noise.

They’re more open and get more clicks than any other channel.

The best strategy in a world where the battle for attention is at its fiercest? Combine Dialog Insight email and SMS to increase your engagement and your results.

Examples of SMS to configure?
There are tons of them.


  • Abandoned shopping carts

  • Re-stocked products

  • New products

  • Promotions, flash sales, promo codes


  • Welcome offers, exclusive offers, birthdays

  • Seasonal messages (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day)


  • Events

  • Contests

Build loyalty

  • Order confirmation and delivery tracking

  • Thank you messages, satisfaction surveys

  • Renewal reminders

SMS can help you make the most of your message.

Engage your customers at every moment, with every message.

The Dialog Insight platform makes it easy to collect numbers. The Dialog Insight platform simplifies the process of collecting phone numbers. Use our user-friendly pop-ups and forms to effortlessly make it happen.

The possibilities are endless! You can create diverse SMS sequences tailored to various segmentation criteria, including transactional, relational, behavioral, and lifecycle.

Using two tools to manage your emails and text messages is the worst possible approach. Instead, let them seamlessly coexist within the Dialog Insight platform. Control sending times, frequency, and channel selection. Optimize according to results per channel and your contacts’ preferences. What’s more, save time, avoid duplication and overexposure.

Preview how your SMS will look before you deploy it. Additionally, conduct A/B tests, allowing you to experiment with numerous variants and fine-tune your strategy for optimal performance.

Save precious hours with SMS — faster than email. A concise and layout-free SMS is ideal for a world where attention spans are dwindling, your customers will appreciate the slimmer format.

Dialog Insight complies with SMS regulations, so you can develop your lists and send your SMS without hassle including silent hours, subscription consent, unsubscribe keywords… Everything is done by the book.

No need to open your mailbox. SMS offers more direct contact. It adds vital touchpoints. On average, it takes more than 25 touchpoints to convert your customers. SMS gets you there faster and more reliably. 

Integrate Dialog Insight SMS marketing with intelligent business processes to unlock the power of real-time feedback. Imagine your customers receiving a discount coupon simply by texting ‘COUPON.’ It’s a straightforward process, all while enabling you to gather valuable data in real time.

Analyze the performance of your campaigns and continuously improve them with intelligent dashboards. You have access to global and granular data — performance of each SMS, best moments, clicks, sales, average shopping basket, etc.

BIG results. Right at your fingertips.