Campaign orchestration

SMS and Rich SMS

Deploy fully personalized mobile experiences!

SMS et Rich SMSSMS et Rich SMS


Create effective mobile messages for your customers

Strengthen relationships by creating highly engaging and personalized mobile content, on your customers most trusted device.

Did you know that:

  • Individuals look at their cell phones more than 45 times a day
  • SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate compared to phone, email, or Facebook
  • SMS messages have an incredible 98% open rate
  • 75% of customers are willing to receive communications via SMS

Why shouldn’t you take advantage of it too?



Go further with Rich SMS

Give your contacts a personalized experience

Rich SMS goes far beyond the traditional simple text on a white background. It allows you to enrich each SMS communication with interactive content that will be much more appealing to your contacts.

Be creative and give them a sense of urgency with a countdown. Make it easy to buy or register with a barcode. Many options are available and are only waiting to be personalized according to your ambitions!


Integrated Management of SMS

Have full control over your SMS projects

Dialog Insight’s solution gives you control over your campaigns by using several SMS optimizations tools.

  • Integrate SMS within your scenarios to automatically deliver SMS to your customers.
  • Track clicks in your messages with our integrated short URL option.
  • Interact with your contacts with SMS while staying compliant by automatically or manually managing consents.

Unlimited business rules

Define response scenarios

Dialog Insight offers the possibility to create interactive SMS scenarios. The flexibility of the platform allows for intelligent and automated interpretation of responses. Whether it is to confirm a reservation, an important appointment, request an opinion, or ask particular questions… you can do everything from our platform.

Perform real-time marketing to stay in touch with your customers when they really need it!

It doesn’t stop there!
You will also have access to:

  • Shared or dedicated short code
  • High routing capacity
  • Adding SMS messages to your automated marketing
  • Easily editable template galleries
  • Custom URL

Technical details
Discover all the features of Dialog Insight

Want to know more about our features? Download our complete list to get an overview of the capabilities of our technology.

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How to efficiently create your first SMS campaigns?

All the tips to get there are in this white paper!