Customer data

Single Customer View (SCV)

Consolidate your data and get a 360-degree view of your customers for better marketing results

single customer viewsingle customer view


Integrate all your customer data to create personalized campaigns

Do you dream of the day when you will have a complete view of who your customers are? Where you are able to choose the right message, the right time and the right channel? It is now possible and easier than you think with our ability to create a customer data platform for you!

Take advantage of this cutting-edge feature to take your marketing strategies to the next level.


Creating a single profile

A complete and scalable view of your customer and business relationships

Whether you have 2 or 10 systems collecting customer data, our technology simply and easily centralizes all of it.

Hence, all the data related to the customer is stored in a single unified database and creates one single unique profile for each of your contacts.

This structure is flexible and scalable to meet your business objectives and strategies.

Personalized business rules

Customize the management methods of your Single Customer View

Regulate the unification of contact infos across different systems with personalize business rules. Determine how identified and recognized customers are handled between systems. 

Regardless of the contact key used (email, online store ID, CRM code, etc.), you eliminate duplicates and easily recognize a customer. This automatically cleans the database for you.

You gain a wealth of information that can be easily used for powerful marketing campaigns!

Unlimited number of sources

Connect all your systems for better customer knowledge

No matter the type of system or the number of systems you have, connect them to the platform without any worry. You can add, remove, and modify them; our CDP is entirely adaptable to your situation and will evolve with your business.

Dialog Insight also has several data acquisition tools that can be easily integrated into your SCV. You can connect them to further enrich your customer knowledge!

An experienced team at your service

You are not alone, let us accompany you

The only limit to your personalization strategies is the quality of your database. The implementation of a SCV requires good planning and that is why our team of analysts offers you support throughout the process.

After discussing your business objectives, challenges, vision, and available data, our consultants will present you with a database structure that will meet your current and future needs.

It doesn’t stop there!
You will also have access to:

  • Separate database management
  • Personalization of data structures
  • Complete customer profiles
  • Identification of the customer purchasing cycle
  • Elimination of duplicates and data cleaning
  • Gathering of identification keys from the same contact
  • Two-way system communication
  • Business rules management for data unification
  • Follow-up on contact’s activities (e. g. connection)
  • Monitoring of your marketing activities by a database (unified versus divided)
  • Centralized communications history

Technical details
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