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Testing before acting is much better!

Optimize your performance by efficiently delivering your communications across all channels. Ensure that content is relevant and will have an impact on your customers with our unique advanced testing tool.

Run message simulations to discover areas for improvement or test all the elements of your communications to increase their relevance.


A/X and multivariate tests

There is no limit to what you can test

Test the content, design, subject of the email, communication time, channels, and much more!

Easily determine which elements are appropriate for each and every contact. Compare actions to identify the offers or content that has a superior performance.

Deliver effectively and efficiently enhanced and relevant contents to your contacts, in order to increase your return on investment.

Overview at reception

Ensure adequate rendering, regardless of the email reception platform

Whether your customers open their emails on mobile, tablet or desktop, with Gmail, Outlook or other… you can simulate in a few minutes the visual rendering of your emails.

We generate more than 50 results that you can view and analyze to standardize an email, no matter where it is received!

Simulation of personalized sending

Much more than just an overview

Testing is the foundation of effective marketing; it ensures that your reputation with your customers is not damaged.

Is it difficult for you to test all the possibilities of a personalized message? We have developed the ideal solution to appropriately deliver the relevant content to all your contacts.

Message visualization has never been so pleasant and easy!

Use your contact data

In test mode, take advantage of validation options within the editor

Whether it’s for creating emails, landing pages, SMS or push notifications, use your contacts’ data to understand how personalization elements will change.

This can be based on:

  • The data fields of your contacts
  • Test groups that you have set up
  • Your personas created in the platform

Several tools are at your disposal to validate your personalization practices!

It doesn’t stop there!
You will also have access to:

  • Unlimited tests
  • Customized decision indicators
  • Detection of missing content
  • Block testing of custom content

Technical details
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