Tailored options

Dialog Insight offers you a secure solution that fits your organization

Adapt Dialog Insight’s technology to your business strategies and not the other way around. Our approach is to be completely flexible, from our technology solution to our support teams. In this context, we work to become a reliable partner that will help you deploy relevant marketing actions and bring you closer to your customers.

In addition, we strive to provide your business a safe and secure platform environment that you can rely on.

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Adapt what you need

Discuss with our expert team to cover the requirements related to your users’ permissions and roles, the modules to be activated, the customizable interfaces, as well as everything related to data processing and exploitation.

Dialog Insight and its experts will follow you through your journey from the moment it is implemented to ensure that our tool is appropriate for your context.


  • Enjoy scalable interfaces
  • Adapt the solution to your growth
  • Protect your data
  • Make life easier for your employees

Our ambition? Ensure that you have 100% confidence in our technologies

Tailored options

How does this work for you?

Distributed marketing

Offer a powerful tool to all your teams who are constantly in contact with customers, allowing them to create deeper business relationships with them, independently.

Maintain control over your brand image and manage your commercial pressure for multiple entities through a single consolidated platform.

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Data security

Are your security rules strict? The risks are high! Dialog Insight goes above and beyond the standards required by financial institutions and large companies.

Discover the solution that has been put in place that delivers high quality products in a 100% safe and secure environment!

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Prices and Packages

Our pricing vision is the same as everything else: flexible and adapted to your needs. Discover the parameters behind our different offers, and build your platform with the modules you will assuredly use. 

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