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Data Security

Benefit from an environment that goes beyond the highest standards and legislations regarding data security for your marketing campaigns.

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Don’t worry about it

We treat the security of your data with great importance;

Hence, we have put in place several mechanisms to ensure your data is secure at all levels from any unauthorized access, modifications, or destruction. It is paramount for Dialog Insight that the confidentiality, the integrity, and the availability of the data is never compromised.

We are on the lookout for the best security practices on the market, ensuring that our infrastructure meets the requirements of your security experts.

Let us convince them.


Hosting and certification

Safe environments

Your data is hosted in France or Canada, in highly secure environments with very strict access.

In addition, Dialog Insight holds SOC 2 certification to prove our compliance with established standards.

Controlled access

Advanced granular levels

For internal purposes, your teams only receive the access they need to carry out their work. You have full control over these decisions, and are in charge of defining permissions and rules for each of your users.

On our side, access to your data by our team is granted only upon approval. Access to your account is also limited to those who absolutely must have access to it.

Compliant with the DGMP

Comply with the European Union regulations

Don’t worry about your compliance anymore, Dialog Insight allows you to meet the highest standards in the industry.

Take advantage of the various tools to meet the new regulations and requirements of the DGMP including:

  • The right to forget and destroy data on request
  • Data retention
  • The accessibility of the data

Take advantage of our experts if you need help to set up compliance with regulations!

In compliance with Bill C-28

Manage the consents of your subscribers in Canada

Tracks customer explicit and implicit consents, giving you a peace of mind while always being compliant. Then, send communication based on those data set, and never worry about not respecting their wishes !

Dialog Insight was the first Canadian company to deploy a Bill C-28 compliant solution. Over the course of 20 years, we have been improving our subscription and consent center to better serve customers while remaining 100% legal.