How to use E-Commerce data to stimulate sales

Mia, a Quebec jewelry retail company, wanted to create a promotional campaign to thank their customers for purchasing within the last year. The company wanted to upgrade the personalization level of its emails by using real transactional data to send a specific promotion for each purchase amount range.

Transfer of Shopify data to Dialog Insight

In order to realize this type of personalization, transactional data from online jewelry sales had to be transferred from Shopify, Mia’s E-Commerce system, towards Dialog Insight’s platform. Thanks to Dialog Insight’s integration module, an automated data transfer system could easily be implemented.

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Targeting customers with key indicators


Mia used Dialog Insight’s key indicator module which allows to perform calculations from contact profiles and behaviors data. In this case, the module was useful to gather purchase amounts to assign a discount percentage specific to each contact and segment customers in five different groups to target each email, based on their amount of purchases:

10% discount for purchases between 0 and $100
20% discount for purchases between $100 and $200
30% discount for purchases between $200 and $300
40% discount for purchases between $300 and $400
50% discount for purchases of $400 and over

43% of people who received at least a 30% discount used their coupon to make a purchase.

Visualizing the impact on sales with the E-Commerce module

Dialog Insight’s E-Commerce implementation allowed Mia to get sales statistics on their campaign and therefore see the direct impact of their personalized campaign on online sales.

“The E-Commerce feature offered by Dialog Insight generates higher email revenue and client engagement. The Dialog Insight team will listen to your needs and accompany you through the implementation of the solution!”

Mélissa Robart - Mia

Mélissa Robert

Marketing Coordinator