Reengaging customers with a dynamic newsletter

Giving the right information to the right person at the right moment. This is the goal set by Jean-Benoît Dumais of QuébecSpectacles. It was also one of the driving forces that urged him to look for a new solution for sending out his newsletter. Faced with the challenge of promoting 40 theaters located in multiple regions and with diverse artistic disciplines, a robust solution was needed.

His aim was to achieve a certain level of autonomy through a solution that lets you exploit the richness of analytical data and the technology, while being able to work with the solution supplier to adapt and upgrade the tool for future needs.

Dialog Insight was the clear choice!

The solution

First, the newsletter was reviewed to improve its look and feel, and then programmed into a drag-and-drop template to make content integration easier. Several automated imports allow updating contact and preference data to personalize the content of the shows schedule to the reader.

The use of the web behavioral tracking module also allows QuébecSpectacles to analyze a subscriber’s browsing activity on the website and to dynamically present him/her with recommendations suited to his/her preferences in the newsletter. In the near future, this data will be used to send fully personalized communications and to do retargeting campaigns based on the subscribers’ behavior.

Content automation brings great flexibility to the newsletter distribution. Since the shows schedule automatically adjusts itself, sending can be done once a week or once a day without any risk of error in the shows displayed.

Finally, the landing page creation interface was used to create a dynamic page grouping by theme (ADISQ, holiday season, etc.) the upcoming shows  in the greater Quebec City area. These pages are a complement to the QuebecSpectacles portal and allow to convey specific programming segments in the context of digital advertising campaigns.

QuébecSpectacles infolettre

The results

QuébecSpectacles page de destination

In just 3 months, QuébecSpectacles significantly improved its email marketing thanks to:

  • A revamped newsletter
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Easy creation of editorial content
  • Simple and accessible contact management
  • Better control of data structures
  • Production time savings
  • Access to several reports and statistical data
  • A direct and collaborative relationship with the supplier

50% opening rate in the first month!

With access to emailing statistics, QuébecSpectacles can now analyze the newsletter results. In the first month of use of the Dialog Insight platform, the newsletter achieved an opening rate of 50% – a rate that remained over time. This paves the way to a promising future!

“We can work together with Dialog Insight to develop strategies. It’s collaborative teamwork. We’re very satisfied with the work done and the results achieved in such a short time.”

Jean-Benoît Dumais - QuébecSpectacles

Jean-Benoît Dumais