Is it really useful to use custom images in your communications?

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Is it really useful to use custom images in your communications?

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Personalization is an important part of today’s and tomorrow’s marketing. It has a major impact on the relationship between a customer and an organization, engagement, but also conversion rates.

In fact, in a survey of Evergage, 74% of surveyed marketers said that personalization had a strong or extremely strong impact on their marketing actions.

More specifically, half of these respondents can see an improvement between 1 and 20% on their marketing actions (versus those who are not), while 20% of them see between 20 and 50% improvement. This is frankly huge, and the opportunities to enhance different marketing aspects are real.

But you are probably wondering what the benefits are in using personalization, in a more tangible approach to marketing measures? The first three are, as mentioned above, visitor engagement, overall customer experience, and then conversion rates. But we are also seeing an upward trend in lead acquisition, brand perception, and revenue from e-commerce.

Why do these statistics exist? This is directly related to the fact that humans, by nature, love to receive something that has been designed for them. It can be an exclusive birthday gift, a bespoke holiday or a personalized email.

It is for this reason that different forms of marketing customization have emerged in recent years. In fact, the oldest, easiest and most popular form of personalization comes from emails, where we add to the greeting “Hello Charlie”. In contrast, the most recent and complicated version is to create a customer profile to collect a large amount of information. This information is then introduced into highly personalized content.

But basically, why is personalization so important? In fact, one study indicates that 92.6% of people consider the visual dimension as the main factor influencing their purchase decision. Thus, the visual aspects of communications are crucial, hence the importance of images, and why the sentence a picture is worth a thousand words is so evocative. Faced with this interesting statistics, we had to talk about personalized images in an email. Above all, it was necessary to simplify the use of personalization within images, but also to integrate it into our application to benefit the marketing users of many industries!


Dialog Insight integrates the NiftyImages application!

In the spring of 2015, a new application was released, allowing these famous personalized images to be displayed in emails. To clarify this term, we speak of personalized images when they are dynamic and change according to the name of the recipient (or any other data). Thus, they offer unique content for each recipient.

This application I am talking about is called NiftyImages, and from the beginning, its use is very simple. Just create an image on the site, or download a pre-made image in the supported formats. Subsequently, a URL is created, which links the custom image to a customization tool like Dialog Insight. These are then the systems that ensure the personalization of the image, whether with the name, a promotion, a date of celebration, etc.

Honestly, the renderings are really interesting, as indicated by the small editing that I made and which is found here below. It is possible to change the font, put any content and graphic appearance. Honestly, the recipients will never see the work behind it, and won’t know that it is advanced customization!


So, I encourage you to use this tool with Dialog Insight, or with the ones you have in place, if they are supported by Nifty Images. You could also compare the results by creating A / B tests, to really confirm the effectiveness of such tactics. If you want to know more about NiftyImages, check out this article on our online help. There is an infinite amount of ideas for customizing images, so take advantage of Nifty Images to let your creativity go!