CASL: 4 tactics to confirm consent

You may have already received emails asking you to confirm your subscriptions to continue to receive them. From a marketing point of view, what are the results you can expect with this type of mailing?
Pascale Guay
1 June 2014
Data Management
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loi anti pourriel    tactiques pour confirmer le consentement

Consent confirmation

July 1st, knocks at our doors. This leaves you only a few days to comply with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (C-28). You’ve probably received emails asking you to confirm your subscription to continue to receive them. What are the results you can expect with this type of emails?

Here are some interesting data and some tips to optimize your campaign:

  • An email campaign addressed to consumers, non-business related, will receive between 5% and 7% after 2 sendings.
  • In a scenario, the results from the third message and the following tend to decrease.
  • If there is a business relationship with consumers (clients), the results are higher, up to 25% in 2 shipments.
  • When the campaign is conducted for an association or a loyalty program, the results are more important since there is a continuous business relationship. Recovery of consent can reach 50% after 2 sendings.
  • The interceptor, described later, has very good results on newsletters. Between 50% and 80% of people accessing the interceptor confirm their subscriptions.
  • The results are the same whether you are in the context of sales to businesses or consumers.


The email campaign that includes a contest should allow you to get between a 2% and 4% result, for each of your shipments. Here are some tips:

  • Interesting prizes, worth participating
  • Mechanism for rapid confirmation – one click
  • Short text
  • Call to action button highlighted*
  • One goal per message

*For your button, opt for a HTML colorful area rather than a background image. So your customers will not need to upload the images to see it.

Discount coupon

The discount coupon is another way to encourage your subscribers to confirm their desire to receive your communications. Whether a percentage or a money discount, choose the type that applies to you.

  • Different offer for each message (example: % vs $)
  • One goal per message
  • Short text
  • Clear call to Action
  • Personalized offer according to the customer


This communication aims to demonstrate the benefits of a subscription to your electronic communications. It serves to reinforce the commitment to your brand.

  • Subject inciting action
  • Clear description
  • Short text
  • Demonstrate the importance of action
  • One call to action**

** No need to specify what happens if the person doesn’t click. However, it may be important to specify that the unsubscribe option will always be available thereafter.


People performing an action on your communications are your most loyal readers. Take advantage of their interest to get their consent, if you do not already have it. The interceptor is displayed between the click in the message and the display of the content page. It offers your customer to confirm their consent with one click. Here are the options for this interceptor:

  • Content specifying the benefits of being a subscriber
  • Options to confirm now or later
  • Display rules (once a day, week, etc.)
  • Business rules depending on the type of communication (newsletter, promotion, invitation, etc.)

Here is an interceptor example:

Although July 1st is the date when the Anti-Spam legislation comes into force, you have some time to get your consent (up to 3 years). Click here to learn more. Think of an integrated campaign including email, interceptor, new form and ask your team to work with you to obtain consents. You will then get the best results and will not lose the right to communicate with your subscribers.

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