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Customer engagement governance, who is it for?

Customer engagement is on everybody’s lips these days. In a very competitive market, with highly informed customers, companies are on the lookout for ways to engage their clients. But what is the best approach to convert a product and service company into a client oriented company? How to give control to customers? And more importantly, whose responsibility is it?

In 2012, a certain number of bloggers claimed that customer experience governance was at the center of CIOs’ concerns. And since the goal was to offer great customer experience amongst all the different technologies, it became obvious that CIO would be involved…

But since customer experience is more related to marketing, a few experts rather saw CMOs take this responsibility. They would however need to understand technology to be able to implement customer engagement strategy.

And then CXOs made their appearance, Chief Experience Officers. This term, which was previously used to define the person responsible for user experience (UX) at the technology level is now given to the person who is in charge of experience, at all levels.

I like the idea of having a person responsible for customer experience. And this is not just any job. It is crucial to the survival of businesses. I think that we must find new ways of better listening to customers and to offer them what they need, when and where they want it.

It is not important to know which department or work level (VP, director, other) it should come from. What counts to have a successful customer engagement strategy is to get the support of senior management so you can implement your ideas.

An efficient customer experience is the concern of all departments:

  • Error free delivery
  • Careful listening and empathy from the call center
  • Personalized and accurate content from marketing
  • Bug free systems
  • Continued experience training from HR
  • Smiles from store employees
  • Product or service that live up to expectations

As clients frequently navigate through various channels, it is important that CXOs well understand all the company’s dimensions.

The CXO is an orchestra conductor! The Chief Experience Office must be all the followings:

  • a fine strategist to come up with innovative ideas
  • an excellent leader to initiate changes in the company
  • a very good communicator to train and coach ALL employees
  • able to quickly solve problems

We have drawn up for your some of the most important goals and skills of a Chief Experience Officer. Click here to see a brief description of this new role.