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Why Invest in Email Marketing in 2023?

The lack of time, money and resources are often limiting factors in finding marketing actions that generate the desired results. Email marketing is a unique opportunity to reach hundreds of customers or prospects directly with personalized content.

Email marketing can be used for several strategies, such as:

  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Establish a relationship of trust with your subscribers
  • Generate interest in your products or services
  • Share your news

Here are the top reasons why investing in email marketing is important.


1. The marketing channel that offers the best return on investment

The costs associated with email marketing are generally very low compared to other advertising channels.

According to a 2020 study, for every dollar spent on email marketing, the average ROI is $36. This is a return superior to any other form of marketing, digital or traditional.



2. Your customers prefer email to other communication channels

As texting and chatbots continue to grow in popularity, 83% of consumers say they prefer to hear from their favorite brands via email.


3. Your direct line of communication with your customers

Unlike social media, email is a direct line of communication with your contacts. You can offer the content you want without being at the mercy of the criteria of the social algorithm.


4. The best tool to build customer loyalty

Through repeated exposure, your customers have time to learn about your business, and become interested in what you have to offer. People choose what is familiar to them. By creating repeat touch points with your customers, you build a bond of trust and familiarity.

At the time of purchase, they are already predisposed to buy your product.


5. Get to know your audience

One of the main reasons for the importance of email marketing is that it allows you to know your customers.

Forms, surveys and subscriber behavior on your newsletters (number of clicks, opening rate, etc.) allow you to collect very useful data to adapt your strategies.

Email Marketing at Dialog Insight

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