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Distributed marketing

Ensure that people with customer knowledge can easily deploy personalized campaigns in a controlled environment

distributed marketingdistributed marketing


Join hands with your local experts

Once your data is integrated and optimized, why not give it access to your entire network?

Benefit from a single solution for all of your communications. Give access to users so they can communicate with their clientele, whilst completely meeting every aspect of your overall brand image.

A single technology means better management of your subscriptions and a centralized view of the customer experience.


User Management

Customize the interfaces for optimal ergonomy and unparalleled ease of use.

  • Increased Data sensitivity: with a granular permissions tree, control access and permissions to the platform and customer data according to different roles.
  • Access and Permission: employee easily uses only the functionalities that are relevant to them.
  • Data connections: Work with the various data sources and give access to portions of your data to your users.

Control your brand image

Provide your team with easy-to-use tools

Maintain a global and consistent brand image with several features:

  • Editor in drag and drop mode (Drag & Drop)
  • Provision of templates (with fixed sections if necessary)
  • Public vs. private image library
  • Multiple communication channels (email, push, SMS, etc.)
  • Access to customer data for segmentation
  • Campaign approval process
  • Global calendar of marketing activities

Your team in charge of ensuring compliance with the brand’s standards will thank you for it!

Adding and editing messages

Create an easily accessible content hub

Regroup all your communications through a single hub and give partial control over the communications and its content to specific users.

Give them access to a library of content and templates that can easily be used to deliver their communications.

This method ensures that your customers receive better communication that are personalized to their local region, while standardizing and keeping control over the types of content sent.

Technical details
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