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How to promote a contest and win big!

ContestHave you ever noticed how we are solicited with contests, quizzes and competitions? Weight loss, physical challenges, quiz questions, talent contests…the possibilities are endless. The reason why they are so many is that they work! 7 people out of 10[1] have ever played a game or entered a contest, which clearly shows the interest of the vast majority. And all these contests have something in common – an interesting promotion. Even the most challenging contest, offering the best of prizes won’t be as popular without a related promotion.

5 tips for your contest to stand out

  • Offer email and social network sharing options
  • Post the contest regularly on your social networks
  • Use your website to promote your contest
  • Send contest invitations by email to your clients
  • Ask your partners to help you promote your contest
  • Announce your contest onsite or in your stores

3 things you should NEVER do

  • Not have a plan

The first step to a good contest is proper planning. Creating a marketing plan for your contest in order to define the actions, duration and results is crucial.

  • Focus more on design than on execution

It is true, a nice design is important. But never as much as a flawless contest participation. If the contest doesn’t run well, you’re sure to receive negative comments.

  • Ignore regulations

Even with the best of intentions, you could without knowing violate a law in the country where the contest is held. Be sure to know your obligations and apply the effective regulations.


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