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The difference between transactional email and marketing email

Transactional emails are generally untapped by businesses. They are often one of the first emails a customer or subscriber receives, and their open rates are incredibly high.

Indeed, although they record opening rates 8 times higher than other types of email marketing, only 30% of brands personalize them.

An order confirmation, a welcome email, a shipping update, and even a new login are all opportunities to build and strengthen customer relationships!


What is transactional email ?

Transactional emails are messages sent in response to an action performed by a user on a website or application. They contain data or content specific to that user.

For example, when a customer makes a purchase, they receive an order confirmation with the details of their purchases.

Other examples of transactional email that may be addressed:

  • Welcome emails
  • Account creation
  • Password reset
  • Order or shipping confirmations
  • Payment invoices
  • Payment Failure Notifications


Transactional Email vs Marketing Email

Unlike transactional messages, marketing emails are mass distributions of the same message (whose content can be personalized) to several recipients simultaneously.

These messages are intended to keep a connection with customers and other contacts and to move them forward in the conversion journey.

The most common types of marketing emails include:

  • Newsletters or newsletters
  • Limited time offers
  • Announcements of events, new products, …


Why are transactional emails important?

Transactional emails have many marketing advantages including:

1. Building customer confidence

Transactional emails develop a sense of security with customers. Indeed, they allow to inform and eliminate the concerns of the customers. In general, users expect to receive these transactional emails, which explains their high open rate.

Transactional messages are also a good way to reduce the number of customer support tickets and provide a quality customer experience.

2. Generate additional sales

Transactional emails are upsell opportunities. Adding a product recommendation section can help increase sales of additional or complementary products.


Some Uses of Transactional Email

1. Subscription verification email – Double opt-in

Although your contacts can join your list without verifying their email address (simple opt-in), setting up a double opt-in will help you:

  • Maintain good hygiene of your contact list
  • Improve the deliverability of your emails


2. Order confirmation

Add personalized product recommendations to order confirmation emails. Products complementary to the purchase made often have higher conversion rates.


3. Cart abandonment

To encourage your customers to make the purchase, add an ephemeral discount offer to your shopping cart reminder email. 10% off or free shipping are mechanisms that work well.

Transactional emails with Dialog Insight

At Dialog Insight, we are passionate about relationship marketing and the importance of doing it right. To send transactional emails quickly and reliably, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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