Strategic Services

Our experts can assist you in planning all angles of your marketing activities

A collaborative, scalable and modular approach aligned with your needs and context, for an optimal personalized experience

strategic marketing plan strategic marketing plan

From start to finish, execute well thought-out strategic plans

Our objectives are to support you:

  • In strategic thinking;
  • In the implementation of your relationship marketing plan;
  • In your strategic evolution;
  • In your personalization initiatives;
  • And in the deployment of the underlying activities.

We make sure we understand today’s needs and see tomorrow’s ones to develop an optimal environment and choose the features that are best suited to your context.

Finally, our strategic team aims to optimize your current campaigns to maximize their impact.



  • Collaborative work with your teams
  • Flexible working approach 
  • A team of experts to think, develop and execute
Strategic Services

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Let us help you develop marketing programs and activities that are based on well-thought-out strategies.

Construct meaningful campaigns to generate closer and stronger customer relationships.

Among our expertise, we have:

  • Relational program planning
  • Annual content calendar
  • Advice on ongoing actions and strategies already developed
  • Development of omnichannel strategies
  • Definition of short and medium-term objectives


Customer orientation

Understand your clientele thoroughly through our singular and centralized data platform to maximize your customer knowledge.

Define segments on who they are and what they want. Develop more personalized communications to increase actions relevancy, create a memorable brand experience, increase customer engagement, and revenues.

We cover:

  • Support in the development of customer and loyalty segments
  • Customer journey mapping
  • The creation and improvement of personas
  • Creation of automated and manual marketing activities 
  • Optimization of automated and manual marketing activities



We play with customer knowledge to create visuals and content that are effective and relevant, without losing the creative side.

Ensure consistency in your brand image while creating meaningful and thoughtful marketing communications.

We can support:

  • Brainstorming sessions with your teams
  • Creation of graphic mock ups for your sendings, in relation to brand image
  • Creation and optimization of content according to channels
  • Implementation and optimization of marketing campaigns
  • Creation of monthly content calendar 



Performance review, KPIs and dashboard are there to support your efforts and decisions.

In collaboration with your team, we identify key insights to guide and optimize your marketing and business strategies.

Let us help you in:

  • The development of dashboards
  • The analysis of your KPIs
  • Strategy monitoring/performance
  • Understanding industry best practices 
  • Databases structure to refine customer knowledge

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