Campaign Orchestration

Everything you Need to Generate Effective Marketing Campaigns!

Campaign orchestration allows you to carry out a set of marketing activities through different channels online or offline, to offer a memorable customer experience at every point of contact. In addition, this omnichannel vision requires less effort for greater results!


Reach your Customers Effectively to Capture their Attention

Dialog Insight is a powerful marketing campaign management solution that operates multiple communication channels in a single environment. Within our solution, you control the creation and execution of emails, SMS, Web and mobile push campaigns, as well as offline campaigns.

You benefit from all the features to deploy personalized communications based on customer profiles, behaviors, preferences, and needs!


  • Centralized deployment of all your campaigns
  • Management of your marketing activities from A to Z
  • Management of commercial pressure

Our ambition? Offer a relational marketing platform to personalize and centralize all your communication efforts

Campaign orchestration

How does it work for you?

Omnichannel Campaign Manager

Manage all your communications from every marketing channel within a single campaign manager. Use different channels to achieve all your marketing objectives and reach your contacts at every turn. Our solution centralizes your results so you the effects of your communications on your contacts and business objectives.

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Marketing Automation

Create scenarios that are triggered according to predefined criteria or based on customer’s action (or behavior) to always reach your target at the right time. Quickly view your scenarios in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

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SMS / Rich SMS

Integrate SMS and landing page tool to generate powerful interactive campaigns in Rich SMS mode. Whether it is for administrative or promotional communications, this rarely used or known channel will provide you with impressive results!

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Asset Management

Save time on small task by using shared content and image libraries to make it easier to edit your communications across different channels. Avoid even more tedious tasks by starting your campaigns from templates already provided or custom-made.

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